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Rapid Action Virtual™ is Here!

2020 has been a year of change to say the least. The pandemic has turned the world upside down in a matter of months and there is no telling when or how things will return to normal again. Businesses small and large have had to adapt or die. Virtual work has become the norm and staying productive while juggling personal and professional has never been more challenging.

While many organizations have made major cuts to existing projects and shifted their focus to survival rather than growth, just as many, if not more, are looking at this as an opportunity to grow. People seem to have more bandwidth and there are more problems to solve than ever!

Through it all, Leap Technologies has thrived. We have taken the unique situation of a post-pandemic world to accelerate development on a new and exciting suite of continuous improvement tools which we are excited to announce to the world - Rapid Action Virtual™. 

Rapid Action Virtual™ takes the 27+ years of success built in to the Rapid Action suite of physical tools and moves them into a completely virtual environment. For the first time ever, Rapid Action teams can be completed with no physical tools or teams ever needing to meet face-to-face. Read on for more details on what Rapid Action Virtual™ is all about.

Virtual Team Leader Guide

Rapid Action has always been about engaging employees, regardless of their training or experience, across all levels of an organization in structured continuous improvement. Using detailed notes and the classic Team Leader Guide book, anyone could pick up the materials and lead a team. Rapid Action Virtual™ builds on that success with a fully digital version of the Team Leader Guide. Built into the virtual guide are detailed notes and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for each meeting, how to set up your workstation, best practices for running virtual meetings, how to use the virtual tools, and much more.

The classic Team Leader Guide functioned as an ever-present coach, ready to guide Team Leaders through every step of running their team project from planning to completion. The Virtual Team Leader Guide trims away the bulk and gives Team Leaders working from a home office what they need to make every step of the process a success while keeping things simple. It is a crucial part of the Rapid Action Virtual™ suite of tools.

Team Meeting Slides

Planning and preparation set the stage for a successful project, but how can someone without training be expected to guide a group of their co-workers through weekly meetings and productive virtual collaboration, all without missing a beat? With the Rapid Action Virtual™ set of Team Meeting Slides.

Rapid Action Virtual™ gives Team Leaders detailed slides and scripts for every meeting in the 60-day Rapid Action process. Each slide has a detailed script for Team Leaders to follow while sharing just the slide with Team Members, along with notes on running activities what to say when. Team Leaders can relax knowing that the process is structured to ensure their success.

Real-Time, Live Collaboration


Leap Technologies is excited to partner with Miro™ to bring real-time, live collaboration to Rapid Action Virtual™. Each team is given access to a shared workspace where they see each others mouse icons moving live, creating and moving sticky notes, and giving feedback on ideas along the way. This workspace is used for teams to brainstorm, sort and prioritize ideas for achieving their mission. The magic of Rapid Action was often found in co-workers, many of whom had never worked together before, coming together to share ideas, hold each other accountable, and make real change happen. That magic is lost with a scattered workforce working with traditional video conference and screen share. Get that magic back with Rapid Action Virtual™.

Virtual work is here to stay. As organizations settle in to new ways of doing business, the need will continue to arise for structured collaboration and ways to engage more people in improvement projects. While individuals can be more productive than ever, teams are finding it hard to work together. Solve all of these problems and more with Rapid Action Virtual™, and please feel free to reach out directly to Leap Technologies to learn more.

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