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Leadership Jumpstart™

Precision planning for faster strategy execution.

Leadership Jumpstart is the fastest, most effective way to align leadership teams for rapid execution of strategic goals and objectives.

Why Leadership Jumpstart?

Because leadership teams often get lost in complex project plans that fail to clearly define goals and plans for taking action. The results are conflicts with resources, lack of accountability and disappointing results. Leadership Jumpstart is a process for making leadership decisions that create precision, accountability and speed.
Hundreds of successful applications helping leadership teams cut through politics and get to action quickly.
Everything you need to plan, execute and follow through on high-impact events that accelerate results and improve leadership team strategic agility.
Delivered in one fast-paced meeting that guides leaders through a structured process for transforming broad strategic goals into practical plans for rapid action.
"Leadership Jumpstart got our leaders to put politics and personalities aside to actively engage in working through the key decisions needed to drive rapid improvement."
Dave Bonistall, VP EHS, NewPage Corporation

Get to Success Faster

Just-as-needed, flexible delivery

Jumpstart events can be designed and executed quickly and customized to meet the exact needs of your leadership team.

Minimal disruption, maximum return on time

Jumpstart uses simple tools that enable leaders to create practical action plans in a single meeting, avoiding the tendency to gloss over elements critical to success.

Excitement and commitment to action

Jumpstart uses a series of activities that quickly link strategic goals to improvement opportunities and best methods for rapid execution.

Flexible and seamless integration

Jumpstart complements other methods like the Balanced Scorecard and easily links existing approaches for rapid execution.

Measurable results and cultural benefits

Jumpstart accelerates strategic goals in shorter timeframes, while putting points on the board faster and contributing to a culture that learns to embrace fast change.
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