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Process innovation at sprint speed.

Breakthrough is the most effective way to streamline and improve complex processes and work systems, and for making new innovations stick by building ownership with key stakeholders.

Why Breakthrough?

Because fresh ideas are needed to solve complex process re-engineering challenges, but leaders often underestimate the importance of getting stakeholder teams on-board before the train leaves the station. Solutions are proposed, only to be held up by those critical to their execution. Breakthrough projects provide a complete process for involving the right people from the start and keeping them in the game by delivering quick results, cutting through layers of bureaucracy and outdated policies.
Hundreds of successful applications across industries on the toughest process improvement challenges.
Everything you need to plan, facilitate and follow through on cross-functional process re-engineering projects.
Deployed through a structured process that optimizes the time and effort of busy stakeholders through a focused workshop and action meetings spread over 60 days.
"What I really appreciate about Breakthrough is the way it surfaces issues in a non-threatening way and leads to group insights that effectively get converted into solutions."
Jim Sullivan, Director - Proposal Development, Veolia Industrial Business Group

Experience Breakthrough Innovation

Just-as-needed, flexible delivery

Breakthrough projects can be designed, facilitated and coached to completion in 60 to 90 days.

Minimal disruption, maximum return on time

Breakthrough uses highly structured meetings with clear time commitments and expected outcomes that enables stakeholders to plan their participation in advance.

Excitement and commitment to action

Breakthrough engages teams in a sequence of discovery and brainstorming activities that help stakeholders move from "as-is" processes to breakthrough solutions all in a single workshop.

Flexible and seamless integration

Breakthrough adds value to the deployment of traditional improvement methods, like Lean Six Sigma, on particularly complex processes such as new product development, order-to-cash, financial closure and more.

Measurable results and cultural benefits

People get excited when process innovation happens faster, and they begin to embrace fast change as part of their culture.
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