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Improving Onboarding with Rapid Action

Leadership Development
A local branch of a Fortune 500 waste handling and disposal company was struggling to hire and onboard new employees fast enough to meet their growth goals. After hiring a new HR team, they engaged hiring managers and administrators to work together using the Rapid Action process to guide them on a productive 60-day project to solve this problem.


The organization recently acquired a new location and was building out massive new infrastructure to meet coming growth goals. To meet demand, they knew they would be hiring at an unprecedented rate and would need to improve their outdated onboarding and training processes to ensure employees had a good experience from day one.

Team Engagement Strategy

A frontline team of employees from human resources and operations came together to brainstorm ideas for improving the onboarding process. Over the course of roughly 60 days, they completely revamped their onboarding process and saw substantial gains in employee engagement and retention over the long term.

Rapid Action Project Charter

How can we improve the process for onboarding and training new employees in order to more clearly communicate each step in the process, work more efficiently together between departments, reduce hiring cycle time, and improve the onboarding experience for new employees?

Sample Solutions Implemented

  1. Created a process map of the current onboarding process.
  2. Created a detailed onboarding checklist by employee job description.
  3. Created and distributed a new hire notebook, which includes everything new employees and their families need to get started with the organization.
  4. Created a training matrix that covers core job responsibilities in each department.
  5. Codified the new onboarding process in a new process map and SOP so everyone knows what is expected.

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