Change is hard.
We make it easier!

Leap Technologies simplifies the change process so organizations can achieve better and faster results on their most important initiatives.

Leap Technologies simplifies the change process so organizations can achieve better and faster results on their most important initiatives.
We make it easier for leaders and organizations to navigate change and realize improvements faster through our suite of Team Engagement Toolkits, each designed to overcome the toughest change management challenges. We support our toolkits with expert facilitation, coaching and consulting support to speed installation, develop self-sufficiency, and ensure maximum ROI.
Rapid Action
Rapid Action

Make it easier for the frontlines to contribute ideas and take actions on any initiative where employee engagement is critical to success.

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Simplify how to redesign complex, cross-functional processes and work systems to accelerate innovation.

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Leadership Jumpstart
Leadership Jumpstart

Align leaders on goals, action plans, and resource commitments for executing change and improvement initiatives.

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  Ready to deploy and easily integrated

  Scalable to any size initiative

  Complement other tools and methods

  Proven across industries

  Deliver results in weeks, not months or years

  Rapid ROI and improved skills

Leap Technologies
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The “DNA” of Faster Improvement

Team Engagement Toolkits are programmed with proven principles for speeding improvement and a unique, learn-as-you-improve design that converts ideas into action with no wasted time.
Read more about the DNA of Faster Improvement and the Idea-to-Action Process embedded in Team Engagement Toolkits.
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Team Engagement Toolkit Applications and Stories

Turning Around Performance in Distributed Operations with Employee Engagement

Strategy Execution
A Global Environmental Services Company saves $8M Deploying Rapid Action across its North American Operation. Read the story →

Learn more about using Team Engagement Toolkits to align, organize, and equip teams to execute complex strategies in 60 to 90-day timeframes.

Deploying Lean Six Sigma Faster and with Lower Cost in Mid-Sized Organizations

Lean Six Sigma
A Mid-Sized Organization Deploys Lean Six Sigma Faster and More Cost Effectively By Starting with Leadership Jumpstart. Read the story →

Learn more about energizing Lean Six Sigma deployments with Team Engagement Toolkits.

Inventing the Lean Hospital Laboratory with Employee Engagement

Lean Healthcare
A Leading Hospital System Reinvents its Laboratory Operations with Breakthrough and Doubles Throughput. Read the story →

Learn more about making it easier for busy healthcare leaders and workers to participate in Lean and make a difference, while still performing their daily duties.

Developing Leaders AND Improving the Bottom-Line

Leadership Development
An HR Executive Discovers a Way to Make Leadership Development a Profit Creating Function Using Rapid Action. Read the story →

Learn more about adding an action learning experience to new leader development programs that build skills while paying for itself by contributing to the organization’s bottom line.

Making Bank Employees the Stars of Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Financial Services
A Regional Bank Makes its Employees the Stars of its Continuous Improvement Initiative. Read the story →

Review more stories about Rapid Action success in the Financial Services Industry.

Finding Supply Chain Savings with Effective Employee Engagement

Rapid Action
A Facilities Management Team Creatively Deploys Rapid Action Teams to Save Millions in Supplier Costs. Read the story →

Read more stories about Rapid Action applications across industries, government, and healthcare.

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Accolades for Team Engagement Toolkits

Rapid Action Tools have been crucial to accelerating results and elevating employee engagement in Lean Six Sigma. It’s a proven strategy in our evolution from doing Lean Six Sigma to being a Lean Six Sigma organization.
David L. Hart, Executive Director, Lean Six Sigma, Valspar
Leadership Jumpstart got our leaders out of their chairs and actively engaged in working through the key decisions needed to drive rapid safety improvement.
Dave Bonistall, VP EHS, NewPage Corporation
What I really appreciate about Breakthrough is the way it surfaces issues in a non-threatening way and leads to group insights that effectively get converted into solutions.
Jim Sullivan, Director, Proposal Development, Veolia Industrial Business Group
Leap Technologies

Ready to Make Change Easier to Achieve Faster Results?

Team Engagement Toolkits have been successfully deployed across industries and organization sizes, including government and healthcare. Learn more about the options for getting started or contact us today to discuss your specific need and application.
Rapid Improvement Projects

Leap provides expert facilitation, coaching, and consulting support for applying one or more Team Engagement Toolkits to critical change and improvement needs.

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Leap provides training in a simulation-based workshop where participants learn how to deploy change and improvement teams using the Rapid Action Toolkit.

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Coach Certification and Licensing

Leap provides advanced training for internal change agents in one or more Team Engagement Toolkits to support organization-wide deployment.

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