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About Leap Technologies

Leap Technologies, through our flagship Rapid Action™ process, helps organizations improve faster by simplifying the change process for leaders and employees. We believe that if you give your people time and the right tools, everyone can make a difference. We are passionate about the quality of our services and take personal responsibility for delivering results to our clients that exceed their expectations.

Meet the Team

Mike Pecoraro

Managing Partner
Mike has over 30 years of experience in change acceleration. Working for Waste Management in 1991, Mike implemented Leap’s first-generation Rapid Action™ process and tools as part of their global process improvement initiative. With Mike’s leadership, Waste Management used Rapid Action™ Teams to save over $100M and engage more than 10,000 employees along the way. With that experience as a springboard, Mike joined Leap in 1998 and has been helping clients across industry deploy Rapid Action™ ever since.

Jim Pecoraro

Jim has more than 12 years of experience in client solutions, marketing and continuous improvement. After joining Leap Technologies in 2015, Jim's focus has been to bring Rapid Action™ to more companies across the world. Jim is responsible for front-end business development as well as crafting the Leap story online and on social media. Jim also delivers Leap's suite of Rapid Action™ tools by mentoring and coaching Executives, Sponsors and Team Leaders through dozens of successful deployments.

Robert Daly

Senior Consultant
Bob is a seasoned change agent with experience providing strategic direction in key executive positions at Fortune 500 companies like Northrop Grumman, Litton and ITT. Bob got introduced to Rapid Action™ as a client at Litton, where he successfully used the tools to expand employee engagement and accelerate results from an existing Lean deployment. He now helps companies deploy Rapid Action™ as a trusted advisor and partner.

Dave Galloway

Senior Consultant
Dave is an expert in deploying Lean Six Sigma to drive rapid improvement. During his long career in the paper industry, Dave specialized in integrating Rapid Action™ with existing Lean Six Sigma deployments dominated by union production and tight budget constraints. Combining the deep statistical analysis of Lean Six Sigma with the short, results-focused approach of Rapid Action™, Dave has brought fast change to companies across the world.

Leap Delivery Partners

Troy University

Leap is proud to partner with Troy University’s Department of Continuing Education and Outreach. Under Troy’s Professional Development, Training and Consulting arm, Troy will be providing access to Leap Technologies’ Rapid Action Process and Tools for organizations committed to Getting Better, Faster. You can visit Troy University at www.troy.edu

Alignment Strategies

Through our Canadian partner, Alignment Strategies, Leap Technologies provides access to Rapid Action for Canadian-based organizations. Visit Alignment Strategies at www.alignment-strategies.ca

C.A.N. Consultoria De Organização

Through our Brazilian partner, C.A.N. Consultoria De Organização, Leap Technologies provides access to Rapid Action for organizations in Latin America. Recent successes in the Brazilian operations of BASF, Mosaic, Novartis and Pfizer are testimony to the global, cross-cultural acceptance of our concepts and tools. Visit C.A.N. on the web at www.can.com.br