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Rapid Action™ is designed to help organizations build the capability to change faster while getting real results on real projects in 60 days or less. It is designed to complement other methods like Lean and Six Sigma or be implemented as a standalone approach to continuous improvement. When the right projects are chosen, Rapid Action™ often pays for itself with a single team.

Leap Technologies offers a variety of options to help you start getting better, faster. The purpose of this post is to dive deeper into each level while highlighting that we are committed to every client achieving success.

Rapid Action™ Lite ($5,995)

Rapid Action™ Lite is our single team kit option primarily for formerly trained or certified Rapid Action Coaches often at new companies or individual change agents looking to launch a team. This option gives you a way to launch and complete a project to demonstrate success of the process before gaining commitment for an expanded deployment.

Rapid Action™ Pilot (Starts at $15,000)

Rapid Action™ Pilot is the perfect fit for organizations looking to generate immediate results by solving a single problem. It adds a structured and disciplined approach to improvement for organizations without dedicated or full-time change agents.

At this level, you can take Rapid Action™ for a test drive to see if it fits your culture while generating immediate financial gains on a real project. A Leap Partner provides dedicated coaching support from beginning to end and we guarantee your satisfaction.

The main difference between Rapid Action™ Pilot and Rapid Action™ Professional comes in building future capability.

Rapid Action™ Professional (Starts at $50,000)

Our most popular Rapid Action™ deployment is distinguished by both the volume of successful teams (3 or more versus 1 at the Pilot level) and the training involved. Rapid Action™ Professional deployments include a Rapid Action™ Team Leader Workshop, where employees nominated as Team Leaders receive robust training, led by a Leap Partner, in how to use the tools both now and into the future.

Organizations deploying Rapid Action™ Professional often look similar to those engaging in the Pilot level but are interested, from the outset, in building the capability to change faster into their culture. They have several problems that need solving and are looking for a way to not only get results, but develop employees into better leaders and managers. They turn to Rapid Action™ because it is easy to deploy and can be something employees can “own” as they solve problems they experience every day.

After an initial wave of Rapid Action™ Professional, organizations often continue to engage Leap for Rapid Action™ Team Leader Workshops (training) or turn to Rapid Action™ Enterprise if they become interested in certifying employees to train and coach future teams.

Rapid Action™ Enterprise

Organizations engaging at this level usually fall into two categories:

  1. They have done a Rapid Action™ Professional deployment to great success and are looking to own the process moving forward, including training their own team leaders and certifying internal resources as Master Coaches.
  2. They already have existing continuous improvement resources, usually in the form of trained Lean Six Sigma belts (Green, Black, Master Black, etc.) or a PMO office and are interested in adding Rapid Action™ to their suite of tools for solving day-to-day operating problems at the front lines.

Rapid Action™ Enterprise comes with a Rapid Action™ License, which allows client organizations to own the process, print and brand the tools and truly integrate it into every aspect of their performance improvement process.

Leap Technologies is committed to each and every client achieving their mission, regardless of Rapid Action™ level deployed. Teams return an average of $50,000 to the bottom line in performance gains and efficiency improvements and can easily pay for the cost of most deployments in a single team. We recommend and in most cases require, customized solutions to meet your exact needs and are happy to reserve time for a private conversation.

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