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Newsletter - April 2019

In this edition of the Leap Technologies Newsletter:

  • New Client Spotlight - ISM Canada
  • Exciting New Announcement - Single Kit Purchases
  • eNPS and Rapid Action - A Perfect Fit

New Client Spotlight

ISM Canada (Information Systems Management - Canada) is a full service technology solutions company and a wholly owned subsidiary of IBM that employs more than 800 employees across western Canada. With a 40-year track record, ISM provides outsourced IT services including help desk, call support, application development, data architecture and big data analytics to a host of Fortune 500 and public sector organizations. In late 2018, ISM was looking for ways to accelerate execution of strategic priorities. ISM has mature, well-defined processes for meeting the needs of their customers but are continuing to raise the bar as customers demand more for less. They knew the best way to meet changing customer demands was to leverage the know-how and expertise of their own employees, so they reached out to Leap Technologies for a solution and collaborated to create a plan for using Rapid Action teams to more productively engage their people in solving problems. ISM launched their first wave of fully-supported Rapid Action Projects in February 2019 and are hitting the ball out of the ballpark. We are excited to continue our work with them throughout 2019 and beyond and look forward to driving results to the bottom line.

Exciting Announcement!

Leap Technologies is excited to announce that we are making our flagship Rapid Action Team Kits available for purchase directly from our website. Each kit contains everything you need to run a successful continuous improvement project in 60 days or less! Click here to learn more.

eNPS and Rapid Action: A Perfect Fit

Do you measure Employee Net Promoter Score at your organization? If you do, do you have a plan in place to act on the results? Top performing organizations in 2019 know they need to answer "yes" to both questions to have any chance at retaining their best employees and maximizing their talent. Click here to read our thoughts on how eNPS and Rapid Action are a perfect fit.

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