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5 Tips for Using Your Rapid Action Project Planner

Do you struggle to get improvement projects off to a fast start? The Rapid Action™ Project Planner is here to help.

The purpose of prelaunch planning is to ensure your team gets off to a fast start. The Rapid Action™ Project Planner helps you think through the problem or opportunity and create a clear charter that defines your mission.

The challenge is to avoid the temptation, given how easy it is to launch Rapid Action™ Teams, to skip the planning stage and go straight to launch, which can make teams stumble out of the gate.
By completing your FREE Rapid Action™ Project Planner, you can be confident you have good plan in place for getting better, faster. Here are 5 Tips for completing your planner and sprinting to results!

1. Just start writing

Every project is unique. Some items will apply more than others, so don’t get too concerned with terminology or structure right off the bat. Scan the entire planner to get a feel for the process. Follow the directions, but mostly try to get the thoughts you have about your project on paper, including what you are trying to accomplish and who you think would be a good fit for the team.

2. Share it for feedback

Most teams will involve employees from several different departments, so it always helps to get perspective from someone else on what you have drafted. Does the charter make sense? Are there things I’m not thinking about? Who else could be a good fit for the team? These are all questions that could benefit from a second pair of eyes.

3. Start thinking ahead

Rapid Action™ Teams are designed to start quickly and see results fast by sticking to a diligent and thoughtful calendar. Most projects finish in 60 days or less, so start to think about the current state of your problem or process and what you would like it to look like when the team is crossing the finish line.

4. Get excited

Rapid Action™ is all about passion and positive energy! Employees come together, sometimes for the first time, to brainstorm ideas for solving a problem or fixing a process they often deal with every day. People get excited about this and you should be too!

5. Get a FREE Review

We are here to help. If you have questions or are just looking for a second opinion, click here to send your draft directly to a Leap partner for a FREE review.


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