Streamlining Manual Mail Handling with Rapid Action

Streamlining Manual Mail Handling with Rapid Action

04-May-2017 Mike Pecoraro Financial Services Download

Performance Snapshot Preview: A deluge of incoming credit corrections requests was slowing down several departments at a mid-sized bank. By simplifying the mail handling and imaging process for these requests, they were able to model a new system which can be applied across mail handling for the entire organization.


Cumbersome and outdated procedures for finding and correcting consumer credit and servicing complaints were leading to high operating costs and long resolution times. The department needed a new approach that would fit better with how the bank operates now and in the future.

Team Engagement Strategy

As part of a bank-wide continuous improvement initiative, a team of six employees and two leaders was assembled and equipped with Rapid Action, a toolkit for helping small teams solve problems.

Rapid Action Project Charter

How can we streamline and improve the current credit corrections mail handling process in order to reduce operating costs and improve response times?

Sample of Solutions Implemented

  • Redesigned and reduced the number of different credit letters being sent from twenty-one to eight to provide more consistent messaging and save money from third-party mailing vendors.
  • Implemented a new internal reporting tool to find loan numbers when consumers don’t provide them to save on monthly external software licensing fees.
  • Updated user guides with a new customer form to indicate all necessary information for consistency across business units and faster resolution.
  • Streamlined the mail handling process by transferring mail imaging to the Servicing Mail HUB and establishing new email queues which reduced seven different steps in the existing process.

Rapid Action Team Results


in financial gains through expense reduction and productivity gains


efficiency gain in Credit Reporting in the first cycle


efficiency gain in Servicing Mail Hub in the first cycle

63 days

cycle time from team launch to wrap-up

Leadership Comment

We came up with ideas to help reduce manual processes and overall operating costs. More importantly, we had a chance to work collaboratively across departments to come up with solutions that worked for all of us. – Credit Reporting Analyst

Learn more about the Rapid Action Toolkit

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