Improving Call Center Performance with Rapid Action

Improving Call Center Performance with Rapid Action

20-Apr-2017 Mike Pecoraro Financial Services Download

Performance Snapshot Preview: By redefining their department’s core purpose and redesigning key existing processes, Solutions Center employees at a mid-sized regional bank improved their quality response metrics in just 10 meetings over 65 days.


The Solutions Center was experiencing decreasing first call resolution, increasing abandon rates and declining customer satisfaction ratings – so a team was launched to improve these customer outcomes and get the Center back on track.

Team Engagement Strategy

A team of ten Solutions Center employees, including two co-team leaders, was assembled and equipped with Rapid Action, a toolkit for small problem solving teams.

Rapid Action Project Charter

How can we standardize the call handling process within the Solutions Center in order to improve customer outcomes and exceed our quality response metrics?

Sample of Solutions Implemented

  • Redesigned the Solutions Center Call Routing Menu which resulted in less redirected calls, shorter hold times in queue and less frustration for callers and agents.
  • Rerouted Mortgage and Loan inquiries to subject matter experts which enhanced overall customer experience and increased first call resolution.
  • Rebranded the Solutions Center within the bank and worked with Corporate Communications to communicate changes in the support process which empowered all employees to know their role in improving customer service.

Rapid Action Team Results


improvements made to key call center processes


in financial gains through improved efficiency


improvement in first call resolution

65 days

cycle time from team launch to wrap-up

Leadership Comment

The synergy and teamwork between the diverse business units – Solutions Center, CEC Banking Support, Retail Banking, Banking Operations, IT Telecom, Consumer Lending, and CEC Mortgage Services – allowed us to quickly accomplish these key performance improvement initiatives. Achieving this in 65 days was extremely satisfying and aligns well with our company’s values. – Solutions Center Support Manager

Learn more about the Rapid Action Toolkit

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Rapid Action Team Engagement Toolkit

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