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Using Rapid Action to Reduce Discrepant Loads in Waste Handling

Lean Six Sigma
A Fortune 500 waste handling and disposal organization was having trouble managing incoming and outgoing loads due to an increasing number of discrepancies in their manifests. Those close to the work knew the culprit – overworked drivers were skipping required protocols to finish their jobs on schedule – and used Rapid Action to reduce discrepancies and increase compliance.


Technicians and drivers often accommodate customer requests for last-minute pickups even if those pickups will violate established requirements for waste profiles and manifest accuracy, leading to costly double counting and handling further down the process chain.

Team Engagement Strategy

A frontline team of employees who work with discrepancies every day was engaged to brainstorm ways to improve the process. Equipped with Rapid Action, a process for solving problems quickly through teams, they were able to sort and act on their best ideas to see substantial gains in less than 60-days.

Rapid Action Project Charter

How can we improve load integrity for shipments originating at both 10-day transfers and TSDFs, in order to ensure drum loads match existing paperwork, reduce discrepant loads and ensure DOT compliance?

Sample Solutions Implemented

  1. Standardized a new SOP for field techs on proper drum count loading and trans loading.
  2. Included in the new SOP a new process for ensuring all shipments use valid W.I.P.’s on all pickups.
  3. Created a new Hazardous Material Checklist for use to ensure compliance.

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