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Rapid Action Team Results

Onboarding Better with Rapid Action

Financial Services
The effectiveness of Treasury Management (TM) was a mixed bag for customers at one Midwest regional bank. By using Rapid Action Tools, they increased adoption of new products and consistency of services among TM clients in 60-days.


Many customers used the full suite of treasury management products and had a great experience, while others were simply unaware of or poorly onboarded in what the bank was offering, due to miscommunication and lack of training among staff.

Team Engagement Strategy

A team of treasury management, administrative and frontline bank employees were brought together and tasked with improving the treasury management onboarding process to give customers a better, more satisfying experience.

Rapid Action Project Charter

How can we improve the onboarding process for Treasury Management clients in order to reduce inquiries and cancellations and improve customer satisfaction?

Sample Solutions Implemented

  1. Clearly identified employee roles and responsibilities for TM client onboarding.
  2. Collected, analyzed and cataloged training checklists, FAQs and user guides available for all TM products and identified gaps.
  3. Posted implementation plan, including the creation of a client onboarding survey.
  4. Created new employee high level onboarding flow.

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