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Increasing Efficiency in Appraisal Processing with Rapid Action

Financial Services
The Appraisal Department at a regional bank couldn’t keep up with increasing residential and commercial appraisal volume, dragged down by inefficient methods. By introducing new technology and improving communication, they were able to process more appraisals in less time – resulting in nearly $50,000 of financial gains.


The existing appraisal review process suffered from inconsistent delivery of key information and over-reliance on manual documentation, creating a slow and costly backlog. An anticipated software change was also expected to create further inefficiencies.

Team Engagement Strategy

A team of seven employees was assembled and equipped with Rapid Action, a toolkit for faster problem solving teams..

Rapid Action Project Charter

How can we craft a more efficient way to process appraisal-related inquiries and requests in order to increase volume, reduce manual activities and lower expenses?

Sample of Solutions Implemented

  1. Eliminated or reduced eight operational processes which significantly freed up Support Analyst time to increase throughput.
  2. Standardized the escalation method for Chief Appraiser review and decision which ensured both consistency and real time training for Staff Reviewers.
  3. Established key word criteria to appropriately prioritize and assign employees to a request which improved overall response time.

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