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Use a hybrid approach to faster improvement in 2023 and beyond. In person. Online. Everything in between.

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The 60-Day Process for Putting Ideas into Action

Rapid Action™ is the most reliable and proven method for engaging employees in rapid, team-based continuous improvement. Available in-person, fully online or anything in between, it is an essential addition for any organization trying to manage change, execute improvements and encourage innovation.
60-Day Roadmap
Complete projects in weeks, not months or years.
All-in-one tookit
Everything your team needs to run in-person or virtual teams, including scripted meeting guides, slides, virtual tools and supplies.
guaranteed roi
70,000 employees across hundreds of companies have saved over $1B using Rapid Action™

The future of work is here...

As the pandemic slowly fades, companies across the world are establishing new ways of meeting customer needs. Whether that means in-person, virtual or something in between, you need a solution that works with you.

DESIGNED For Productivity

When change is easier, you get more done.

Rapid Action™ allows employees to take charge with step-by-step guides and templates anyone can use.
Scalable to any number of projects
Prelaunch planner and scripted meeting guides
E-templates and fully online, live collaboration tools

When change is faster, people stay motivated.

Rapid Action™ avoids burnout by setting a finish line that is weeks away, not months or years.
Powerful Action Accelerator
Clearly defined targets and success metrics
Employees learn as they go and spend minimal time off the clock

When direction is clear, ideas can flow.

Rapid Action™ empowers teams with a clear project charter and supports their ideas by allowing them to take quick action.
Leaders sponsor key projects they care about
Detailed action plans to get work done

When people work together, the best ideas win.

Rapid Action™ provides teams with simple ways to brainstorm, sort and prioritize ideas so the best ones can be put into action.
Quick wins drive results and team engagement
Each Team Member becomes an Action Champion
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Where could you be in 60 days?

  • Rapid Action is simply the best tool for making positive improvements in your organization. One of the strengths of the program is that it brings together people on the front lines with other departments and management. Front line staff understand the process as well as anyone but are often left out of improvement plans.
    Chris Giordullo
    Director, Mercy Health Physicians
  • The Rapid action process is a breath of fresh air from typical project management. The toolkit is like a potion that gets everyone engaged right from the first meeting.
    Chris Lopez
    Senior IT Manager, Artesyn Embedded Technologies
  • Rapid Action™ is an excellent tool for driving employee engagement through continuous improvement. The results of our projects are positive, and the employees feel energized. A true win-win experience.
    John O’Rourke
    Plant Manager, NAES Corporation
  • The best thing about Rapid Action is that a motivated supervisor, with leadership support and enabled employees can make huge gains in performance in a short period of time.
    Mark Deutsch
    Division Chief, MBB, U.S. Army
  • In the past, we viewed employee engagement as a feel-good thing. With Rapid Action™, we can tie higher employee engagement directly to the bottom line.
    Jim Long
    President and CEO, Veolia
  • Rapid Action™ is, by far, my “go to” choice for getting frontline employees involved in our Lean Six Sigma efforts.
    Joe Gliksman
    Master Black Belt, Mosaic Co.
  • Launching multiple successful projects would not have been possible without the structure and framework of the Rapid Action process. We have engaged all levels of leadership and staff to quickly deploy changes in our processes that have provided real benefits to our patients and our care teams.
    Shelli Hugenberg, MSW
    Director of Primary Care, Mercy Health Physicians
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