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Rapid Action Virtual™ has arrived!

Team collaboration isn't dead. Get it back with the first ever fast-change process designed exclusively for the virtual workplace.

Rapid Action™ by the Numbers

Since 1993, Rapid Action™ has elevated teams to levels of success they didn't think were possible. We have taken that success and brought it to the virtual workplace.
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Virtual Teams Getting Real Work Done 

The pandemic has moved work into the home. Individuals can be more productive than ever but team collaboration is suffering. Rapid Action Virtual™ gets teams collaborating effectively again by using simple, step-by-step instructions to complete improvement projects fast. No physical tools or meeting face to face required. Go beyond video conference to real virtual team engagement.
get your projects back
Virtual work has meant many projects have been put on the back burner. Not any more.
100% virtual tools
Everything you need to run a team virtually, including detailed instructions, scripted meeting guides and real-time live collaboration.
real oversight
Teams work together to solve problems by collaborating in real time in shared spaces with transparency to stakeholders for meeting project objectives.

We know...

Things are tough right now. They may stay that way for awhile. People are fragmented and teamwork is a struggle. But it doesn't have to be that way! With a simple process you can get back to normal sooner than you think.