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Reducing New Account Attrition with Rapid Action

Financial Services
Almost 25% of new account holders at one Midwest regional bank closed their accounts within 6 months. While a certain amount of new account attrition is expected at most brick-and-mortar banks, this number was way too high. By using Rapid Action, they brought it down to 10% in less than 60-days.


New account opening procedures and communication between departments about account management best practices were inefficient and outdated. Management knew they wanted to engage bankers and those close to the problem but didn’t know how.

Team Engagement Strategy

A team of employees who work with and open new accounts for customers every day was engaged to solve this problem with Rapid Action, a step-by-step process for 60-day projects, to get results quickly.

Rapid Action Project Charter

How can we improve the onboarding experience of new checking customers in order to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce new account closures within 6 months, and increase POS product penetration?

Sample Solutions Implemented

  1. Established a consistent new-account-opening checklist to ensure consistency across branches.
  2. Created a customized welcome kit and onboarding tool for new customers that explains bank products and ways to enhance their experience.
  3. Created tasks in Salesforce and CRM for bank officers to stay in touch with new account holders and ensure their needs are being met.
  4. Surveyed customers for best practices and the “why” behind their decisions to leave.

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