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Featured Team Engagement Application

Physician Practice Managers Become Lean Leaders Using Rapid Action Teams

Lean is often referred to as a “four letter word” in many healthcare settings. To be fair, its success as a concept is well documented and generally accepted, but putting it into practice is another story. Why?

For starters, most practice groups and hospitals feel understaffed. Leaders are already asking their employees to do more with less. Hospitals and practice groups are busy places. Doctors and nurses are seeing more patients than ever and administrative staff are expected to keep up, so adopting new procedures is low on the priority list. Lean and other improvement methods are seen as too complicated and time consuming. Everyone wants to do things better, but not if it means losing sight of their day jobs.

For years, the answer to these problems has been to hire an outside team to identify the biggest issues, develop solutions and roll them out to employees. But what happens when the solutions don’t stick? Or when the culture takes a nose dive? Every organization is different, so what can be done?

Enter the Rapid Action Toolkit. Click here to read this edition’s Featured Engagement Application where one Physician Practice Group used Rapid Action Tools to productively engage their people in taking ownership of their own improvement.

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The Best Way to Engage Your Employees, Period.

Corporate America struggles with employee engagement. According to a recent Gallup poll, less than 30% of the working population goes the extra mile to help their company succeed. Most organizations think they are doing just fine because their surveys say so or they use a different method to measure results, but the message is the same – you aren’t doing as well as you think! Everyone can do better when it comes to engagement, but how?

Our experience has shown us that most organizations still struggle to DEFINE what engagement means for their organization and, more importantly, what to DO when they finally recognize they are struggling. The answer is to give employees a way to contribute more meaningfully to their jobs and to do it in a way that doesn’t require too much time away from their regular jobs. But how? Bringing people together and asking for their ideas for getting better isn’t enough. The big ideas might get filtered up the food chain and the small ideas become “Just Do Its” for anyone to tackle. But what about the stuff in the middle? The ideas that make a real difference but don’t fundamentally change the organization? Companies struggle the most in this area because to address these issues often requires a team effort and a diligent problem solving process… something they are rarely equipped to handle.

The Rapid Action Toolset is specifically designed to allow teams of employees to tackle real business issues by following a step-by-step guide to getting things done. Keeping things simple and on a 60-day timeline keeps employees motivated and builds confidence to act fast. In order to address a disengaged workforce, organizations across the globe need a way to let their employees give more of themselves to their work. That is the Rapid Action Toolset.

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Improving Change Management Process and Profitability

Download this snapshot describing an innovative application of Leap’s Rapid Action Toolkit to quickly engage the workforce of a national General Contractor in a profit revolution.

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