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3 Ways the Fast-Start Meeting is Different

Since 1993, our clients have launched and completed thousands of Rapid Action™ Teams, saving hundreds of millions of dollars in productivity and efficiency improvements. Every one of those teams started with a Rapid Action™ Fast-Start Meeting.

The Fast-Start Meeting is aptly named, as it is designed to get project teams off to a fast start in accomplishing their mission. The Fast-Start Meeting is different from your normal business meeting and will resonate with you if:

1. You have ever been on a team that started strong but faded after weeks passed with no results.

Every Fast-Start Meeting is run by a Team Leader equipped with the Rapid Action™ Team Leader Guide which guides them through not only the meeting itself, but how to ensure momentum is maintained weeks into the future.

2. You have ever had “meeting fatigue” from an endless calendar full of meetings where nothing gets done.

Fast-Start meetings start where the energy is – with Team Members brainstorming their ideas for solving the problem. People are excited and passionate about improving processes they work in every day.

3. You have ever offered or received ideas for solving a problem and gotten frustrated when nothing happens.

Fast-Start Meetings end with teams having brainstormed 40+ ideas and identifying 5-7 for fast action. Using their Action Accelerators, teams walk out of their first meeting having a detailed action plan for at least one idea and a calendar in place for the rest of the project.

The most common word we hear when teams come together for their first meeting is “skeptical.” Employees are often conditioned to expect little from these types of efforts but can see from the first activity that the Fast-Start Meeting is different. From running thousands of teams, the most common words we hear after the Fast-Start Meeting are “relieved,” “amazed” and “pleasantly surprised!”

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