The Rapid Action Toolkit

The “All in One” Team Engagement Toolkit for Accelerating Results

The “All in One” Team Engagement Toolkit

Everything needed to brainstorm, test and put good ideas into action!


Prelaunch Planner

Guides identification and qualification of Rapid Action opportunities along with effective project charter development.


Scripted Meeting Guides

Provides minute-by-minute instruction to lead Rapid Action team meetings, avoiding false-starts and wasted time.


Idea Sorting, Prioritizing and Tracking Posters

Enables Rapid Action teams to quickly reach consensus on the best ideas for solution development and implementation.


Meeting Supplies

Marking pens, post-it notes and tape for poster activities.


Action Accelerator

Supports effective analysis of ideas prior to taking action, including templates for business case justification, action planning, and results capture.


Quick Read Booklets

Gives Rapid Action team members access to tutorials on Lean, Six Sigma, and change management methods that support effective solution design and implementation.


e-Templates & Tools

Equips Rapid Action teams with easy-to-use electronic forms for capturing work products, communicating progress, and reporting results.

Putting the Rapid Action Toolkit to work in your organization is easy. Leap provides workshops to train employees designated as Rapid Action Team Leaders and offers certification programs for full-time change agents (Lean Six Sigma Belts) to master the use of Rapid Action and facilitate Rapid Action Workshops.

Better Team Results in 60 Days!

Rapid Action is the no-nonsense, fast-acting method for engaging teams in change management and continuous improvement initiatives. Review deployment options and get started now. Learn more