Developing Leaders AND Improving the Bottom-Line

Read how a multinational manufacturing firm made its leadership development program a profit-making enterprise using an innovative, on-the-job action-learning approach.


Projects completed over six months


Leaders engaged from 14 country locations


Solutions implemented


Annualized savings

"With Rapid Action I gained a tool to quickly and easily get more participation from people on the production line. As a result, new ideas emerged that we hadn’t considered before." – Program Participant


Molex, the worldwide manufacturer of electrical components, faced a conundrum common to large organizations: How do we sustain corporate commitment to developing leadership talent in the face of relentless pressure to reduce overhead costs? Molex addressed this global leadership talent challenge with a formal development program for high-potential managers that provided intensive training in finance, operations, marketing and leadership disciplines over a two-year timeframe.

Real-Time Action Learning for Leadership Development

Rapid Action was introduced to participants through a simulation activity designed to tackle an actual Molex business improvement challenge. After experiencing this highly engaging team process for rapid improvement, participants (working in pairs based on location in most cases) developed proposals for launching and leading Rapid Action teams to tackle critical performance issues in their department or plant.

Results from Around the World

About six months later, program participants reconvened and reported on their Rapid Action team experiences and results. A total of 17 Rapid Action teams, led or co-led by 35 program participants, had been engaged in 14 different country locations.

Doubling the Pay-off on Leadership Development Programs

Molex succeeded in raising the bar on its already-successful leadership development program by adding Rapid Action to its curriculum. It can now boast of a “two-for-one” benefit from its investment, as participants acquire a reliable process for engaging employees and leading teams back on the job, while the company reaps business improvement savings that have more than covered the program’s budget for years to come.

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