Why Leadership Jumpstart?

It’s the faster way to align leaders for rapid strategy execution and build leadership team agility

When there is pressure to improve performance, leadership teams often get lost in a fog of complexity. Strategic goals and objectives get mired in complicated project plans. Commitments for taking action are not well-defined. Details are left underdeveloped. The inevitable outcomes are: Resource conflicts, lack of accountability and disappointing results.

Leadership Jumpstart solves this problem by providing a complete toolkit and detailed roadmap for designing highly-effective leadership team meetings that create more precision in planning for rapid strategy execution. Leadership Jumpstart closes the Team Engagement Gap™ at the critical execution-planning stage where specific project assignments, clear responsibilities, and success metrics must be defined if strategic objectives are to be realized.

More than 20 Years of Research and Experience

Leadership Jumpstart is backed by more than 20 years of research and experience, originating from the GE Work-Out method for rapid, large-scale improvement. Leap benchmarked this revolutionary process to develop the Idea-to-Action Process™ for more effective team engagement. Combining this approach with Balanced Scorecard methods and the Theory of Constraints produced a simplified, but highly-effective, approach for aligning leaders on the actions required for faster strategy execution.

Three principles shape Leadership Jumpstart’s innovative approach to achieving leadership alignment for rapid execution:

  1. Planning for strategy execution is not the same as strategic planning. Planning to execute strategic goals and objectives requires a deeper level of precision that considers the capability and readiness to get things done, not just the elegance or rightness of the strategy.
  2. Less-is-more when timely execution of strategy is the goal. Leadership teams are prone to overloading their plates with strategic initiatives that end up competing for time and resources, which results in few completions and slow results. The likelihood of strategic success increases dramatically when leaders prioritize strategic goals based on resource capacity.
  3. Faster is better when executing strategy. Every strategic goal has a limited shelf-life for capturing and maintaining attention. Imposing the discipline of strategy execution in 60 to 90-day intervals dramatically improves the pull-through rate on results and keeps people in the game.

Leadership Jumpstart provides the platform for applying these principles to any strategy execution challenge.

Designed for Speed, Simplicity and Results

Leadership Jumpstart adds unique value to strategic planning efforts through:

  • Just-as-needed, flexible delivery: Change agents trained in Leadership Jumpstart are equipped with an “all in one” toolkit including detailed guidelines and materials to quickly design Jumpstart Events tailored to strategic objectives ready for execution.
  • Minimal disruption, maximum return on time: Leadership Jumpstart uses a combination of simple tools and templates that enable leaders to create practical action plans in a single meeting, avoiding the tendency to gloss-over elements critical to successful execution.
  • Excitement, confidence, and commitment to action: Leadership Jumpstart employs Leap’s research-based and experienced-tested Idea-to-Action Process™ to engage leadership teams in a sequence of activities that quickly links strategic goals to improvement opportunities and best methods for rapid execution. The result is more confidence in plans and more commitment to execution.
  • Flexible and seamless integration: Leadership Jumpstart complements other strategic planning methods like the Balanced Scorecard and easily links these methods for rapid execution planning.
  • Measureable results and cultural benefits: Leadership Jumpstart accelerates leadership teams towards achieving strategic goals in shorter timeframes, while putting points on the scorecard faster and contributing to a culture of speed and agility.

Precision Planning for Rapid Strategy Execution

Moving from strategic “talk to action” takes discipline. Achieving commitment to rapid strategy execution requires agile leadership. Leadership Jumpstart leverages meeting discipline with team engagement, resulting in leadership teams that execute with more precision and speed.

Results are “One Meeting” Away!

Leadership Jumpstart will get your leaders aligned, focused and ready for action. Review deployment options and get started now. Learn more