The Leadership Jumpstart Toolkit

“All in One” Strategy Execution Accelerator

The “All in One” Team Engagement Toolkit

The Leadership Jumpstart Toolkit provides a one-stop resource for designing and facilitating "single meeting" strategy execution planning sessions with leadership teams.


Prelaunch Planner

One-stop guidebook for identifying opportunities, qualifying application of Leadership Jumpstart Tools, and planning the launch of Leadership Jumpstart Events.


Leadership Jumpstart Event Guide

Provides step-by-step instructions for designing and facilitating high-energy meetings that align leaders for rapid strategy execution.


Opportunity Sorting, Prioritizing, and Planning Posters

Enables leadership teams to quickly reach consensus on high priority action opportunities, match priorities to the right resources and tools, and develop action plans.


Meeting Supplies

Marking pens, post-it notes and tape for poster-driven activities.


Leadership Decision Accelerator

Supports effective execution of “Just-Do-It” actions identified in the Leadership Jumpstart Event.


Leadership Rapid Execution Guide

Provides easy access to proven change management methods for leading rapid strategy execution.


e-Templates & Tools

Equips leadership teams with easy-to-use electronic forms for capturing work products, communicating progress, and reporting results from Leadership Jumpstart Events.

Leap expert coaches are available to plan and facilitate Leadership Jumpstart Events. Additionally, Leap provides workshops to train internal Leadership Jumpstart coaches.

Results are “One Meeting” Away!

Leadership Jumpstart will get your leaders aligned, focused and ready for action. Review deployment options and get started now. Learn more