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Since our founding in 1993, Leap Technologies has had the privilege of working with hundreds of organizations of all sizes and across industries on a broad range of issues … with the same core goal: Drive faster improvement through better team engagement. The Client Results described below are testimony to the universal appeal and benefits of Leap’s Team Engagement approach to change management and rapid improvement.

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Anixter, the worldwide distributor of electrical wire and cable and other communications products, deployed Rapid Action to attack day-to-day plant and warehouse efficiency. Team assignments included shipping productivity, reduction of damaged goods, better safety compliance and more. Results: More than $500,000 from three 60-day Rapid Action teams.

Asurion, the leading provider of wireless device insurance and support services, used Rapid Action as the core implementation process for its newly deployed Lean Six Sigma initiative. Green Belts, trained in Rapid Action, launched and coached 60-day teams in call centers, repair depots and back office operations, cutting the time to better results and engaging more of the workforce at the same time.

Burger King, the fast food provider, employed Rapid Action to build internal capability in its Operations Services Group to drive performance improvement across the restaurant organization. The workshop facilitated Burger King’s strategy to deploy a Lean Six Sigma deployment strategy with fewer resources and more engagement of employees.

Case Logic, the innovative designer of cases for personal electronics and media, used Rapid Action to improve fill rates, reduce product development cycle times and streamline key processes such as order entry and packaging design. Training in Rapid Action tools and leading a Rapid Action team was designated as a key leadership development experience for Case Logic high-potential employees. Results: More than $1 million in savings from six 60-day Rapid Action Teams.

CB Richard Ellis, the global provider of end-to-end facilities management outsourcing for many of the world’s largest corporations and healthcare organizations, is using Leap Technologies complete suite of team engagement toolkits (Leadership Jumpstart, Breakthrough and Rapid Action), to engage client and CBRE Account Teams in rapid process improvement in lease management, building design projects and ongoing facilities operation. A recent project focused streamlining the reporting process for capital investment and repair expense projects is expected to save hundreds of man hours from elimination of redundant reports and data entry.

Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, part of the Federal Banking System, applied Leap’s Breakthrough approach to accelerate re-engineering of core processes and IT systems followed by Rapid Action teams to deploy and cement solutions into the organization.

HSBC, the global financial services giant, incorporated Leap's Team Engagement Toolkits into an already successful Six Sigma initiative to drive broader employee engagement and expand results. Trained in Leadership Jumpstart and Rapid Action, HSBC's Black Belts launched and coached dozens of Rapid Action Projects across the organization. Results: $7 million dollars in savings added to Lean Six Sigma results in the first year of deployment.

Mesaba Airlines, (recently merged into Pinnacle Airlines), was the leading regional partner for Northwest Airlines when CEO Paul Foley turned to Leap Technologies to assist in optimizing its aircraft maintenance and supply chain processes as well as turn around airport operations at its Detroit Metro Airport hub. Utilizing a combination of Breakthrough and Rapid Action teams, Mesaba saved more than $3.5m in maintenance parts and labor expenses over six months. In the Detroit Hub operation, a similar rapid, team engagement strategy delivered significant improvement in on-time departures, baggage handling and employee safety and morale. Results: Improvement from last to first place in Hub Location Performance over 12 months for the Detroit Metro Operations Team.

M&T Bank, one of the 20 largest U.S. headquartered commercial bank holding companies, selected Leap Technologies to provide a boost to its Lean Six Sigma deployment by integrating Rapid Action into the toolbox. Through a series of demonstration pilots and then training of internal Rapid Action coaches, M&T has aggressively expanded employee engagement in continuous improvement, improved Black Belt effectiveness and delivered more documented savings to the bottom line.

Oakleaf Waste Management, the world's fastest growing waste services outsourcing company and now part of Waste Management Inc., deployed a series of Rapid Improvement Campaigns over an 18 month period to re-engineer its processes, systems and organization in order to set the foundation for more profitable future growth.

One Beacon Insurance, one of the largest U.S. property and casualty insurance firms, used Rapid Action to execute its service excellence strategy in claims processing. Through the certification of internal Rapid Action coaches, One Beacon improved the capabilities of its Human Resources Group, increasing their value-add as a performance improvement resource to the line organization.

Skender Construction, the innovative Chicago-based general contractor, introduced Rapid Action to increase employee engagement, promote One Skender and accelerate results on key strategic initiatives. All employees have been trained and Rapid Action teams have attacked key issues including: project documentation, the change order process and the project estimating process.

Standard Register, the document management services company, was an early innovator in developing a Rapid Lean Six Sigma approach by using Leap’s Rapid Action as a cornerstone. The company made proficiency in leading Rapid Action teams a pre-requisite for Green and Black Belt training resulting in more productive Belts, broader employee engagement and bigger results.

Trinity Services Group, is one of the largest providers of correctional food service in the nation – serving 300,000 inmates daily, deployed Leap Technologies complete suite of team engagement toolkits (Leadership Jumpstart, Breakthrough and Rapid Action), as the cornerstone of a company-wide Get Better, Faster initiative. In less than two years of deployment, the effort engaged hundreds of leaders and employees while delivering significant savings and performance improvements. Results: Twenty-six completed team projects, hundreds of implemented improvements and over $10m in savings.

U.S. Foodservice, Inc., the giant food distributor, implemented an organization-wide Rapid Improvement Campaign to improve profitability across its national distribution organization. More than fifty executives participated in a Leadership Jumpstart Event to identify best practices for reducing costs and improving margins, and then personally led Rapid Action teams in the field to help their managers deploy best practices across the organization. Results: $10 million improvement in profits within six months.

U.S. Cellular, the Chicago-based wireless services provider, used Rapid Action to support its ongoing commitment to employee engagement while solving key customer satisfaction, operational excellence and quality of workplace challenges.

Veolia Transportation Services NA, the largest public transportation service company in the North America, deployed Rapid Action across its organization engaging hundreds of its 11,000 employees in business improvement projects. By leveraging best practices and local know-how across 95 contracts in 18 states, Veolia improved operating performance and customer satisfaction system-wide. Results: Documented cost savings in excess of $7 million. (Read the full case study)

Veolia Environmental Services NA, the nationwide trash hauler recently acquired by Advanced Disposal, deployed Rapid Action as the cornerstone of a company-wide Get Better, Faster initiative. In four years of deployment, the effort engaged hundreds of leaders and employees while delivering significant savings and performance improvements. Results: Over $5m in just the first year of deployment through 60 Rapid Action Teams.

Visa Card Services, the financial transaction processing giant, deployed Rapid Action to jumpstart process improvement in its data processing services organization. The effort delivered significant cycle time reductions in processing requests and improved client service.

Walgreens, the largest retail drugstore chain in the US, deployed Rapid Action in its distribution, information systems, retail stores, and mail order prescription organizations. Over eight years of continuous deployment, Rapid Action teams delivered bottom line improvements while contributing to the company’s commitment to building a culture of continuous improvement.