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Since our founding in 1993, Leap Technologies has had the privilege of working with hundreds of organizations of all sizes and across industries on a broad range of issues … with the same core goal: Drive faster improvement through better team engagement. The Client Results described below are testimony to the universal appeal and benefits of Leap’s Team Engagement approach to change management and rapid improvement.

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ASiMI, the industrial silicon manufacturer for the computer chip industry, utilized Rapid Action to implement its Lean Strategy aimed at streamlining material flows, reducing rework and scrap and improving order fill rates. Results: An initial five-team Rapid Improvement Campaign delivered cost annualized cost savings exceeding $1 million in less than 60 days.

BASF, the German multi-national chemicals giant, utilized Rapid Action in its Brazilian Operations, with the support of C.A.N, a Leap Technologies Alliance Partner, to jumpstart its quality improvement efforts both in plant operations and staff functions. Results: Over $3 million in cost savings realized over 18 months.

Black & Decker, the nation's number one producer of power tools and accessories, worked with Leap to integrate team engagement tools into its Lean Six Sigma curriculum. The resulting Fast-Change Belt Workshop provided Belts with practical tools for engaging leaders, managers and frontline employees in Quick Win and Solution Replication improvement opportunities.

Cott Beverages, the world's largest private label soft drink producer, deployed Breakthrough to completely redesign its new product-to-market process, reducing rework, cycle time and costs in the process. Based on that success Cott added training in all of Leap’s team engagement toolkits to better equip their Lean Six Sigma Belts to take on process improvement projects with challenging change management issues.

DRS Technologies, one of the fastest growing defense technologies companies in the U.S., applied Rapid Action to accelerate implementation of a Continuous Improvement Initiative across ten divisions. The speed and simplicity of Rapid Action allowed DRS to convert the know-how of its highly analytical technical staff into action and results at a much faster pace. Results: Average savings per 60-day Rapid Action team in excess of $100,000 per team.

Fort Dodge Animal Health Care, one of the world's largest providers of veterinary medicines, deployed Leap’s team engagement approach to deploy a Lean manufacturing initiative. The combined deployment of Leadership Jumpstart, Breakthrough and Rapid Action more than doubled throughput across product lines and reduced annual operating costs by over $3 million.

Ingersoll Rand Air Solutions Group, the leading supplier of industrial air compressors, deployed Rapid Action to accelerate sales growth in new markets by streamlining sales support and customer service processes tailored to fit the unique needs of each new market segment.

International Paper Company, the world's largest producer of paper products, implemented Rapid Action to improve performance on the production floor in several mills. Rapid Action teams attacked problems ranging from materials handling to order processing. One team, made up entirely of higher-level managers, examined supply chain inefficiencies on a core product. Results: The team implemented solutions that delivered savings of more than $4 million in reduced inventories and warehouse space.

Electro-Optical Systems, the major supplier of night vision technology to the U.S. Department of Defense, deployed Rapid Action to accelerate its manufacturing excellence objectives in two plant operations. Results: Five teams produced annual savings in excess of $1.2 million in material, labor and overtime savings in just 60 days.

Molex, one of the world's largest manufacturers of electrical connectors, integrated Rapid Action into its global leadership development program for high-potential managers. Over 45 program participants from 13 countries were trained to use Rapid Action and then used the tools as a leadership “action learning” experience. Results: High-potential leader-led Rapid Action projects, launched after the training, delivered more than $1.2 million in savings, paying for the cost of the workshop many times over.

Mosaic Company, the world's largest producer of phosphates and fertilizers, fully integrated Rapid Action into its Lean Six Sigma program. High-potential Mosaic leaders, trained as Six Sigma Black Belts and Rapid Action Coaches, have launched more than 200 Rapid Action teams, engaging hundreds of managers and employees and delivering hard dollar savings in excess of $300 million.

Momentive, a world leader in specialty chemicals, integrated Rapid Action into its global Lean Six Sigma deployment. Momentive uses its Master Black Belt cadre to conduct Rapid Action workshops to train Black Belt and Green Belts to speed implementation of DMAIC project solutions, and capture more Quick Win opportunities.

NewPage Corporation, the largest coated paper manufacturer in North America, deployed Leap's Rapid Action to jumpstart deployment of Lean Six Sigma across the company. Initial waves of Rapid Action teams were launched in the Order Management and Information Technology functions to attack urgent operation problems. Based on these successes, Rapid Action training became the entry point for Green and Black Belt training. Results: In the first three years of Lean Six Sigma Deployment, more than 250 Rapid Action teams delivered in excess of $20 million to the bottom line while engaging hundreds of frontline employees.

Pall Trinity Micro, a major manufacturer of industrial filters, realized over $650,000 in cost savings from eight Rapid Action teams engaged in the areas of energy conservation, inventory management, preventative safety and maintenance and chemical waste reduction. Through the certification of internal Rapid Action Coaches, Pall Trinity made Rapid Action a standard part of its Lean deployment, speeding implementation of solutions from Kaizen Events and engaging more frontline employees in Quick Win capture.

Pfizer, the global pharmaceuticals giant, through its acquisition of Wyeth, is reaping the benefits of Leap's five-year engagement to support a global Operational Excellence initiative through deployment of Leadership Jumpstart, Breakthrough and Rapid Action. Operational Excellence projects using Leap team engagement toolkits and methods have improved performance in product set-up cycle-time reduction, equipment and process validation, product transfer and global implementation of the Lean Laboratory model.

Valspar, one of the world's largest coatings manufacturers, added Rapid Action to its Lean Six Sigma deployment to improve the ROI and expand employee engagement. Now in its fifth year of deployment, Rapid Action has become the entry point for developing Lean Six Sigma certification across the company. (Read the full case study)

Wheelabrator Technologies, the world leader in converting non-hazardous waste into clean and reliable electric power, deployed Rapid Action to 24 plants across the U.S. to attack persistent operating problems and leverage best practices. More than 50 Rapid Action teams, launched and completed over four years, have produced in excess of $3 million dollars in cost saving and productivity gains.