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Since our founding in 1993, Leap Technologies has had the privilege of working with hundreds of organizations of all sizes and across industries on a broad range of issues … with the same core goal: Drive faster improvement through better team engagement. The Client Results described below are testimony to the universal appeal and benefits of Leap’s Team Engagement approach to change management and rapid improvement.

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Carle Foundation Hospital, the integrated health system affiliated with the University of Illinois, has adopted Leap’s team engagement approach to Lean Healthcare by using Leap’s full suite of toolkits including Rapid Action, Breakthrough and Leadership Jumpstart. Carle has deployed Breakthrough to rapidly redesign core patient delivery processes such as capacity planning, patient transport and medication reconciliation. Rapid Action teams have made rapid improvements on persistent cost and patient satisfaction issues such as nursing agency expenses, access to therapy services, hiring cycle times and more. Recently, Carle deployed a Rapid Improvement Campaign focused on reducing readmissions and implementing a patient-centered approach to reducing healthcare delivery costs. Results: Carle has engaged more than 350 employees, implemented over 250 improvements and documented in excess of $3.5 million in savings.

Greene Memorial Hospital, a private, not-for-profit hospital in Ohio, deployed Rapid Action to address patient accounting and patient satisfaction issues. Using Rapid Action teams to productively engaging frontline staff, including nurses, technicians, office support and other employees, enabled Greene Memorial to deploy Lean thinking without the need for a full-time staff of expert facilitators.

Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest integrated healthcare systems in the country, utilized a Leap Technologies’ team engagement approach to Lean Healthcare to achieve a breakthrough in performance in one of its Membership Administration Service Centers. A combination of Breakthrough and Rapid Action teams were deployed to redesign the membership administration process from enrollment through reconciliation achieving better than 50% reduction in cycle times on enrollment and reconciliation processing in less than six months.

Novation, the healthcare industry's leading supply contracting company, engaged Leap to facilitate a rapid “Lean” redesign of the process for updating its extensive database on medical products that facilitates more cost effective buying for hospitals. Leap engaged the team responsible for the process in a three-day Breakthrough workshop that produced a completely redesigned model of operation.

Prevea Clinics, a primary and multi-specialty care delivery system in the Green Bay Wisconsin area, selected Leap's Rapid Action as the foundation for their employee-driven continuous improvement system.

Reid Hospital in Richmond, Indiana utilized Rapid Action to solve a persistent problem that was preventing timely billing and collections for healthcare services. By utilizing a cross-functional team equipped with Rapid Action, Reid reduced billing cycle times by 55% and reduced the volume of un-billed services from $20 million to $6 million in six months.

St. Mary's Hospital Medical Center, a full service community hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin, engaged Leap to facilitate a series of Lean improvement initiatives to improve surgical services, digestive health procedures, in-patient nursing roles and tasks, and the delivery and positioning of supplies and transportation services across the hospital using a combination of Breakthrough and Rapid Action teams.

SMDC Health System (including the Duluth Clinic, a nationally recognized, multi-specialty group and St. Mary's and Miller-Dwan Hospitals based in Duluth, Minnesota) deployed Leap's Breakthrough approach to Lean healthcare and redesigned major cross- functional operating processes such as clinic appointment access, surgical scheduling, chronic disease management and primary care screening to both improve the patient experience and reduce delivery costs.

ThedaCare, the largest integrated healthcare system in Wisconsin, used Leap’s Rapid Action and Breakthrough toolkits to jumpstart their nationally acclaimed “Lean Journey.” A pilot project that improved through-put on CT scan equipment by 33% is a model for rapid redesign for equipment and staffing constrained processes in hospitals.

Vytra Health Plans, in Long Island New York, added Rapid Action to an already successful Six Sigma Deployment. Supported by a cadre of internal coaches, Vytra used Rapid Action teams to speed the integration of processes and merging of workforces from a strategic alliance with the Health Plan of New York.

Walgreen Health Initiatives, a leader in home healthcare services, deployed Rapid Action to improve service, billing accuracy and routing efficiency. Leap's just-in-time toolkit for employee engagement and its ability to deliver consistent results with minimal training and time off the job was an ideal fit for Walgreen’s broadly distributed locations.