Why Breakthrough?

It’s the better mousetrap for innovating solutions to the toughest process improvement challenges.

New lines of thinking and fresh ideas are often needed to solve complex process re-engineering challenges. But too often, leaders underestimate the importance of getting stakeholder teams on-board before the train leaves the station. Solutions are proposed, only to be shot down or slow-walked by those critical to their execution.

Breakthrough provides a complete toolkit and detailed roadmap for enrolling the right people in process innovation from the start, using their time effectively, and keeping them in the game by delivering quick results. Breakthrough closes the Team Engagement Gap™ at the cross-functional level in organizations, where process innovation is often encumbered by unclear roles and responsibilities, as well as layers of bureaucracy, outdated policies, and complicated procedures.

More than 20 Years of Research and Experience

Breakthrough is backed by more than 20 years of research and experience. At its roots, Breakthrough is patterned on the GE Workout Method for rapid, large-scale improvement. Leap benchmarked this revolutionary method to develop the Idea-to-Action Process™ for more effective team engagement.

Leap combined this approach with Lean and Six Sigma methods for business process reengineering to yield an approach to rapid process innovation that works on three core principles:

  1. Confront the cultural barriers to breakthrough improvement – before, not after Nothing is more stifling to process innovation than underlying beliefs and assumptions that protect the status quo. These barriers must be exposed early to free minds up for creative thinking.
  2. Engage stakeholders in innovative thinking – early and often While there is value in validating the need for change and documenting the current process, the longer stakeholders remain in their current silos, the more difficult it becomes to remain open to new possibilities. Get to brainstorming creative solutions early and then refine, test, and make better through experience.
  3. Go for progress, not perfection Process innovations are never right the first time. Aiming for “B+” solutions and making them better allows more time to test and refine ideas.

Designed for Speed, Simplicity, and Results

Breakthrough adds value to any organization’s strategy for process innovation through:

  • Just-as-needed, flexible delivery: Change agents trained in Breakthrough are equipped with an “all in one” toolkit for designing, facilitating, and coaching tailored process innovation projects through to completion over a 60 to 90-day timeframe.
  • Minimal disruption, maximum return on time: Breakthrough operates through a highly-structured set of meetings with clear time commitments and expected outcomes that enable stakeholders to plan their time-investment and experience benefits as they participate.
  • Excitement, confidence, and commitment to action: Breakthrough employs Leap’s tested Idea-to-Action Process™ to engage stakeholders in a sequence of discovery and brainstorming activities. These exercises help stakeholders rapidly move from “As-Is” processes to breakthrough solutions all within a single workshop, creating the enthusiasm and a willingness to address the difficult tasks of testing and implementing solutions.
  • Flexible and seamless integration: Breakthrough adds value to Lean Six Sigma deployments and business process re-engineering efforts, particularly complex, non-factory-floor processes such as new product development, order-to-cash, financial closing, and more.
  • Measureable results and cultural benefits: Process innovation is realized sooner when Breakthrough is used in place of conventional methods. With Breakthrough, stakeholder confidence increases as positive process changes are experienced firsthand.

Rapid Process Innovation in Half the Time

When it comes to making big improvements in complex, cross-functional processes, common sense and fact-based solutions can be overwhelmed by the politics of large-scale change, resulting in delays and rework. Breakthrough busts through this formidable barrier with a clear roadmap and comprehensive set of tools that make it easier to see possibilities and convert them into practical solutions.

Process Innovation in Half the Time!

Breakthrough will help your organization rapidly and effectively overcome its toughest process re-engineering challenges. Review deployment options and get started now. Learn more