Put Breakthrough to Work

Three options for generating fast results and a big return on investment

Facilitated Breakthrough Projects

Quickly introduce Breakthrough into your organization while simultaneously completing a priority process innovation project that produces a 5 to 10x ROI in 60 to 90 days.

Leap’s services:

  • Engage internal change agents and senior leaders to identify the project opportunity and plan the Breakthrough team launch.
  • Work with the designated Breakthrough team leader to develop the project charter, recruit the team, and conduct change-readiness interviews.
  • Facilitate the Breakthrough Workshop, progress-check meetings, and wrap-up meeting over 60 days.
  • Ensure effective transition to the new process and methods of operation developed by the Breakthrough team.
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Facilitated Breakthrough Workshops and Coaching

Apply the Breakthrough Toolkit and benefit from Leap’s workshop facilitation expertise while leveraging internal change agent resources for pre- and post-workshop tasks.

Leap’s services:

  • Work with leaders to identify opportunities, secure leadership support, and sponsor and recruit the Breakthrough Team.
  • Plan and facilitate the Breakthrough Workshop.
  • Help internal change agents take the lead in facilitating project completion.
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Breakthrough Coach Certification and Licensing

Hardwire Breakthrough into your organization by building the internal capability to train and coach the application of Breakthrough tools and methods.

Leap’s services:

  • Determine the best strategy for hardwiring Breakthrough into the organization’s continuous improvement and change management programs.
  • Train and certify internal Breakthrough Coaches to plan and facilitate Breakthrough Projects.
  • Advise on integration of Breakthrough tools with other improvement methods such as Kaizen Events, DMAIC Projects and other complex process re-engineering approaches.
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Process Innovation in Half the Time!

Breakthrough will help your organization rapidly and effectively overcome its toughest process re-engineering challenges. Review deployment options and get started now. Learn more