The Breakthrough Toolkit

The “All in One” Process Innovation Accelerator

The “All in One” Team Engagement Toolkit

The Breakthrough Toolkit contains everything needed to guide process owners and stakeholders through the critical steps for rapid process re-enginnering and innovation. Breakthrough teams use these tools from prelaunch planning straight through to completion of their projects.


Prelaunch Planner

One-stop guidebook for identifying opportunities, qualifying Breakthrough applications, and planning Breakthrough Project launches.


Breakthrough Workshop Guide

Provides step-by-step instructions for designing and facilitating workshops that engage diverse groups of stakeholders in rapid process analysis, redesign, and implementation planning.


Process Analysis, Breakthrough Design, and Action Planning Posters

Enables Breakthrough teams to quickly analyze process performance, innovate new process designs, and develop action plans.


Meeting Supplies

Marking pens, post-it notes and tape for poster-driven activities.


Breakthrough Solution Accelerator

Supports effective development, testing, tracking, and reporting on Breakthrough action plans.


Process Innovation Guide

Provides easy access to proven Lean strategies and methods for process redesign.


e-Templates & Tools

Equips Breakthrough teams with easy-to-use electronic forms for capturing work products, communicating progress, and reporting results.

Putting the Breakthrough Toolkit to work in your organization is easy. Leap’s expert Breakthrough coaches work with your organization’s process owners to plan and facilitate Breakthrough projects. For organizations with full-time and internal change agents, Leap offers Coach Certification Workshops to build in-house Breakthrough capabilities.

Process Innovation in Half the Time!

Breakthrough will help your organization rapidly and effectively overcome its toughest process re-engineering challenges. Review deployment options and get started now. Learn more