The Breakthrough Roadmap

Process Innovation in half the time and cost

Breakthrough Roadmap

The power of the Breakthrough Toolkit is activated through a structured 60-day roadmap that maximizes the return on time invested by stakeholders, ensuring a smooth transition from the status quo to optimal process performance.

Breakthrough Roadmap

STEP 1 | Week Zero

Breakthrough Project Planning
  • Screen opportunities for Breakthrough application
  • Develop the Breakthrough Project Charter
  • Recruit the Breakthrough team from key stakeholder organizations
  • Collect data on barriers and potential solutions
Breakthrough Project Planning − Set the stage for rapid process re-enginnering and innovation.

Breakthrough is the right choice for any process re-enginnering project where significant change management is required and diverse stakeholders must support implementation.

Breakthrough is the right choice when:

  • Achieving significant levels of improvement requires action across many levels and functions.
  • Observation, performance data and benchmark comparisons make it clear that incremental change to existing processes/systems will neither solve the problem nor fully leverage the opportunity.
  • There is executive-level urgency for significant improvement and willingness to sponsor a coalition of stakeholders to develop and implement solutions.
  • There is commitment to allocating expert change agent resources to facilitate a Breakthrough Project over 60 to 90 days.

Breakthrough’s 20+ year record for producing rapid innovation reflects successful projects across a wide range of issues, including:

  • New Customer Processing / Customer Ordering and Fulfillment / Customer Complaint Resolution
  • Manufacturing and Line Production Processes
  • Maintenance / Transportation / Warehouse Operations
  • Procurement / Purchasing / Supplies Chain Management
  • Human Resources (Hiring, Training, Benefits Management, Payroll, etc.)
  • Regulatory and Compliance Education, Monitoring and Enforcement
  • System Upgrades / Change Control
  • Strategic Planning / Capital Asset Management / Budgeting

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Breakthrough Roadmap

STEP 2 | Week Three

Breakthrough Workshop
  • Engage cross-functional stakeholder team
  • Apply streamlined Lean Six Sigma tools to identify waste and define constraints
  • Brainstorm multiple, innovative solutions
  • Agree on high-payoff, most executable breakthrough solutions for testing
  • Develop the 60-day work plan to refine, test and implement
Breakthrough Workshop − Engage for rapid innovation

Breakthrough uses a unique action-learning workshop to engage cross-functional stakeholder teams in rapid process re-engineering. This innovation “laboratory” uses streamlined methods from the Lean Six Sigma Toolbox to quickly define requirements and uncover the root causes of problems. The workshop applies Leap’s Idea-to-Action Process to inspire workshop participants to brainstorm and refine innovative solutions from multiple perspectives.

While similar to Lean Kaizen events, Breakthrough Workshops produce process innovations across a broad range of complex, cross-functional improvement opportunities. Similar to Six Sigma DMAIC Projects, Breakthrough Workshops also ensure that effective plans are developed to test assumptions, and controls are built for managing risk and sustain results after implementation.

Breakthrough Workshops inspire stakeholders to quickly adopt new and innovative ways of thinking. The result: a greater commitment to the work required to test and implement practical breakthrough solutions.

Breakthrough Roadmap

STEP 3 | 60 Days

Action Team Assignments
  • Share the work required to test and refine solutions
  • Check weekly progress
  • Conduct formal work product review at day 30
  • Present final solutions and implementation plans at day 60
Action Team Assignments − Test and refine for effective implementation

Immediately following the Breakthrough Workshop, sub-teams of stakeholders go to work refining and testing breakthrough solutions. Breakthrough action teams use a “Solution Accelerator” template to document the case for change, analyze implementation requirements, advance solution designs, anticipate risks, and develop mitigation strategies.

Weekly conference calls help to maintain momentum and facilitate shared learning. Roughly 30 days after the Breakthrough Workshop, Breakthrough action teams meet for a one-day progress check meeting. Work products are reviewed, improvements identified and completion paths are confirmed.

Approximately 60 days after the workshop, the full Breakthrough team meets for a wrap-up meeting to review completed Breakthrough solutions and make final adjustments, and to prepare a presentation for project sponsors.

Breakthrough Roadmap

STEP 4 | Day 60+

Report, Recognize & Transition
  • Present final solutions and implementation plan
  • Confirm plan for ongoing process ownership
  • Recognize Breakthrough team contributions
Report, Recognize & Transition − Ensure solutions stick

Breakthrough teams pave the way for implementation of sustainable process innovations. Once solutions are fully developed and tested, the focus shifts to ensuring a smooth transition into the new way of operation. Breakthrough teams facilitate this transition by re-engaging project sponsors and other key stakeholders in a “Report, Recognition and Transition” meeting.

In the meeting, Breakthrough teams build stakeholder confidence and excitement by providing a demonstration of the new process in action. Next, a detailed implementation plan is outlined, specifying ongoing roles and responsibilities, and a process scorecard for monitoring, reporting, and taking corrective action on process performance.

The Breakthrough experience leaves an impression that lasts long after team members have returned to their daily work routines.

Process Innovation in Half the Time!

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