Better Documention and Improved Efficiency with Rapid Action

Better Documention and Improved Efficiency with Rapid Action

21-Feb-2017 Mike Pecoraro Strategy Execution Download

Performance Snapshot Preview: An innovative general contractor was struggling to gain acceptance of Lean across back office and support processes. Inconsistent project documentation led to delays, unnecessary compliance risk, and an inability to leverage internal resources effectively. A diverse team was launched and equipped with an easy-to-use toolkit for rapid problem-solving. The result: Faster adoption of Lean across the organization, countless hours of time saved and a more motivated employee base across the business.


Superintendents and project executives were using different formats to maintain key project information. With no clear way to leverage learnings from past projects, time and money were being wasted on administrative processes that added no value.

Team Engagement Strategy

Eight employees were selected to represent a cross section of the organization and equipped with Rapid Action, a learn-as-you-improve toolkit for small problem-solving teams.

Rapid Action Project Charter

How can we develop consistent systems to document day-to-day activities to expedite schedules, reduce waste and rework and increase the overall efficiency of project operations?

Sample of Solutions Implemented

  1. Standardized the daily reporting process and format, eliminating desktop data entry and leveraging technology for working on the go.
  2. Created a consistent submittal process documenting project history for later reference.
  3. Created a standard format for meeting minutes and project close-out, providing clients with professional and consistent deliverables for each engagement.
  4. Standardized documentation for project start-up, enabling faster team member transitions and less overall time spent.
  5. Created a punchlist template, ensuring subcontractors provide critical information for follow-ups.

Rapid Action Team Results


Improvements made to project documentation


Reduced related to compliance and turnover


Enhanced to promote one-company philosophy

63 days

cycle time from team launch to wrap-up

Leadership Comment

"Rapid Action provided much needed structure, but allowed for flexibility for the team to share thoughts and experiences to ultimately improve the target process. " – Rapid Action Team Member

Learn more about the Rapid Action Toolkit

Are you interested in accelerating results and increasing engagement from your organization’s change management and continuous improvement initiatives? Take a look “inside the box” of the most reliable process available for rapid, team-based improvement.

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Rapid Action Team Engagement Toolkit

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