Overcome the Change Management Barrier to Faster and Better Strategy Execution

Executives agree the toughest challenge when executing new strategies is effective change management. But most organizations fall short on practical solutions for getting and keeping people on board when moving from strategic planning to strategy execution.

Over the past 20 years, Leap Technologies has perfected a better approach to strategy execution that operates on a simple, but often under-practiced principle: Get the people needed to execute change on board “before the train leaves the station, not after!”

Our innovation is a suite of Team Engagement Toolkits, an “all-in-one” system for rapidly converting strategic goals and objectives into practical actions and measurable results. Leap toolkits for rapid strategy execution are ready-to-deploy and easy for leaders, expert change agents, and frontline employees to use.

Leap’s rapid approach to strategy execution provides powerful and comprehensive tools for engaging people, focusing efforts and implementing significant changes efficiently and effectively.
Doug Adamson, Executive Vice President, American Bankers Association

Rapid Improvement Campaigns: The Platform for Faster, Better Strategy Execution

Leap's Team Engagement Toolkits provide a flexible, ready-to-deploy platform for converting broad strategic goals into 60 to 90-day Rapid Improvement Campaigns.

Identify the strategic goal for rapid execution; secure executive commitment to deploying the Rapid Improvement Campaign.

Use Leadership Jumpstart to align leaders and key stakeholders on campaign objectives, success measures, and specific team assignments for accelerating strategic results.

Deploy improvement teams using Leap's Rapid Action and Breakthrough Toolkits, as well as other methods as needed, to execute 60-day or faster strategy execution projects.

Complete the campaign by reporting results, recognizing teams and capturing learning.

The complete toolkit that engages leadership teams with simple, but highly effective tools for converting broad strategic goals into specific projects, team assignments, and success metrics … all in one meeting! Learn more

The workhorse of Rapid Improvement Campaigns that mobilizes small teams to execute specific strategic objectives in 60-day or faster timeframes by unlocking the know-how and tapping the energy of frontline employees. Learn more

The fast-track method that combines Lean methods with innovation and change management tools for redesigning complex, cross-functional processes and work systems to support rapid strategy execution. Learn more

Leap Services for Rapid Strategy Execution

  •   End-To-End Rapid Improvement Campaign Support Engage expert Leap coaches for complete support to execute a Rapid Improvement Campaign on a key strategic goal. Includes pre-campaign planning; Leadership Jumpstart design and facilitation; Rapid Action and Breakthrough team deployment; and, post-campaign reporting on results and capture of learning.
  •   Targeted Rapid Improvement Campaign Support Engage an expert Leap coach to support an executive in the design and execution of a Leadership Jumpstart Event to align leaders on a Rapid Improvement Campaign plan. Engage Leap to train Rapid Action team leaders to execute campaign objectives and use internal resources (such as Black Belts) to provide coaching and expert facilitation support.
  •   Rapid Improvement Campaign Coach Certification and Licensing Engage Leap to build internal capability to plan, design, and facilitate Rapid Improvement Campaigns. Includes internal coach certification and licensing of Leadership Jumpstart, Rapid Action, and Breakthrough for organization-wide deployment.

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