Executive Briefing for Senior Leaders
The Faster (and More Affordable) Path to Lean Healthcare

Overview: Introducing Lean into healthcare organizations can be a nightmare for leaders. First, there is the cultural “tissue rejection” by physicians and nursing staff; then, burdensome training and foreign manufacturing terms and concepts; and, finally big price tags for external support.

In this briefing, learn about the strategies for deploying Lean in healthcare through a faster, more affordably and most important, in a culturally responsive way that builds believers and champions.

Who Should Attend?

Senior Healthcare Leaders with responsibility for leading process improvement and change management efforts in their organizations.

Key Event Outcome

Leave more informed and better positioned to design the best approach to Lean for your healthcare organization. Whether currently deploying Lean and looking for ways to improve the ROI, or weighing the merits and alternatives for launching a Lean deployment, benefit from the practical, proven strategies presented in this briefing.

Event Topics

  • Unique Challenges of Lean Deployment in Healthcare: Why Lean Healthcare deployments often fail, create budget and staffing overruns, and disrupt workplace harmony.
  • Keys to Lean Healthcare Success: Principles and practices for deploying Lean in healthcare with less pain and cost, and faster realization of results.
  • Case Studies: How two leading healthcare providers have broken the code on deploying Lean with less pain, more engagement and faster results.
  • Take-Home Tool: Receive an easy-to-use tool for assessing Lean opportunities and readiness for deployment.

Event Details

Complete the form below, call 1-800-254-6805 or email to webinar@improvefaster.com to arrange for a private webinar briefing scheduled at your convenience. You and your staff can participate without leaving the office or arrangements can be made for us to come to you.

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