Leadership Development
That Pays-for-Itself

In today’s flatter and leaner organizations, the need to effectively develop new leaders and build greater capability to manage change has never be greater. But leadership development programs often fail to provide an effective bridge from the classroom back to the job as well as measurable returns...jeopardizing support from managers and executives alike.

Rapid Action, perfected by Leap Technologies over the past two decades through thousands of applications, is a proven, action-learning process for closing the results gap in leadership development programs. Rapid Action equips new and developing leaders with an easy-tofollow roadmap and complete toolkit for leading a 60-day improvement project.

Rapid Action empowers developing leaders to apply and sharpen critical thinking, project management, and communications skills in a real-time setting. Leaders have the opportunity to both develop and demonstrate their skills while leading a project that provides measurable benefits to the organization’s bottom line.

Rapid Action is the bridge we had been looking for to connect leadership development back to the job in a meaningful and productive way.
Jim Long, former CEO Veolia North America

The Rapid Action Leadership Development Process

Step 1: Identify Candidates and Project Assignments
Human Resources and line executives identify candidates for the Rapid Action leadership development experience. Candidates work with their managers to identify Rapid Action project opportunities that link to key organization performance objectives.

Step 2: Rapid Action Leadership Workshop | 3 Days
Candidates attend a three-day Rapid Action Leadership Workshop where they experience a simulation of the end-to-end Rapid Action process and also practice using the Rapid Action Toolkit to run productive team meetings.

Step 3: Rapid Action Project Launch | 4-Hour Meeting
After completing the workshop, newly trained Rapid Action leaders return to their jobs, recruit their teams, and launch their projects guided by the Rapid Action Toolkit.

Step 4: Rapid Action Project Execution | 60-Days
Leaders guide their Rapid Action teams through one-hour weekly action meetings over a 60-day timeframe; action plans for achieving project objectives are tested and implemented by team members with coaching from the team leader.

Step 5: Rapid Action Project Report & Recognition | 2-Hour Meeting
The Rapid Action leadership development experience culminates in a Report & Recognition Meeting where teams present their work, review results achieved, and receive recognition from project and executive sponsors.

Why Rapid Action Works

  •   Just-in-Time Action Learning: Leaders learn how to lead a team while solving an actual change management and continuous improvement challenge.
  •   Complete Toolkit: Everything needed to select the right project, lead team meetings, and report results is included in the Rapid Action Toolkit.
  •   Minimal Job Disruption: Rapid Action operates through short weekly meetings and a shared workload approach that allows leaders to maintain current duties.

Why It Pays for Itself

  •   Rapid Project Completion: From launch to fi nal report and recognition meeting, leaders complete projects in 60 days or faster. Better than 95% of Rapid Action teams fi nish on time.
  •   Measurable Results: The Rapid Action Toolkit includes templates and guidelines for assessing operating performance and fi nancial impact of completed team actions.
  •   Bottom-Line Impact: Based on more than 5,000 applications, Rapid Action teams deliver an average of $50,000 in fi nancial gains.

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