Hear what out clients have to say about Leap's training team and our suite of tools for rapid employee engagement.

While we're pursuing many avenues to cost reduction, by far Leap Technologies has provided the fastest and most cost-effective tools and methods we've found to engage our people in eliminating waste and spreading best practices.
John Snyder, COO Carle Foundation Hospital System
Having worked with Leap Technologies since the mid “90s, I have been able to deliver significant business improvements to my business and my clients. The philosophy of rapid improvement underlies our approach and accelerated results through engagement of focused teams are the key to our success.
Tom McCarty, Managing Director Strategic Consulting, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas Inc.
The Rapid Action process has been in our toolkit from the very first day of our deployment eight years ago. It has been a tremendous asset, because it provides an extremely effective way to engage employees in continuous improvement, even if they may not have project management skills.
David Galloway, LSS Deployment Director, NewPage Corporation
Rapid Action Tools have been crucial to accelerating results and elevating employee engagement in Lean Six Sigma. It’s a proven strategy in our evolution from doing Lean Six Sigma to being a Lean Six Sigma organization.
David L. Hart, Executive Director, Lean Six Sigma, Valspar
What I really enjoyed about the Rapid Action process was the framework in which the program was set up. It provided much needed structure, but allowed for flexibility for the team to share thoughts and experiences to ultimately improve the target process.
Brian Simons, Senior Project Manager, Skender Construction
By far, Rapid Action tools and methods are my ‘go to’ choice for getting our frontline employees engaged in Lean Six Sigma improvement efforts.
Joe Gliksman, Master Black Belt, Mosaic Company
The best thing about Rapid Action is that a motivated supervisor, with leadership support and enabled employees can make huge gains in performance in a short period of time.
Mark Deutsch, Continuous Process Improvement & Strategy Division Chief − MBB, U.S. Army
As we transformed our largest business unit from an underperforming drain on resources to a highly productive and profitable strategic asset, without a doubt the single biggest contribution to our transformation was our relationship with Leap Technologies. Their powerful processes and comprehensive tools helped us engage our people, focus our efforts and implement significant changes efficiently and effectively.
Doug Adamson, Executive Vice President (retired) American Bankers Association
Leadership Jumpstart got our leaders out of their chairs and actively engaged in working through the key decisions needed to drive rapid safety improvement.
Dave Bonistall, VP EHS, NewPage Corporation
Leap is among the best of the best in simplifying complex processes and improving them. Leap’s toolkits, training and facilitators have been the critical link in creating breakthrough results and solving difficult problems in every assignment. At Sky Chefs we literally created hundreds of millions of dollars in value by re-engineering the core business processes in large industrial flight kitchens across the world. At Mesaba Airlines, Leap added immeasurable value to our ground handling businesses in our hub operations. Leap also helped us optimize our maintenance programs and engine repair cycle times. These efforts resulted in industry leading “best practices” which have been replicated by many other operators.
Paul F. Foley, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Mesa Air Group
Leap Technologies combines deep expertise on process improvement with a highly participative and inclusive approach to build the skills to continuously improve both process and execution.
Jim Lynde, SVP Human Resources, Spirit Airlines
We are the first airport in the U.S. to be considered for National Baldrige Award recognition. Leap’s Team Engagement Toolkits have helped tremendously in our mission to build a culture of continuous improvement and innovation through engaged and empowered employees.
Walt Matwijec, AVP Continuous Improvement, Nashville Airport Authority
In industries that are consistently changing and where competition is fierce, Leap’s Team Engagement Toolkits (Jumpstart, Rapid Action, and Breakthrough) allow organizations to quickly innovate, re-engineer, and improve their operations. These modules, used together or independently, drive understanding, consensus and support at all levels.
Pamela Luckey, Improvement and Performance Manager, Ericsson USA
I’ve always been skeptical of the latest “flavor of the month” when it comes to resources for getting more out of teams. Rapid Action is not only different, but it becomes obvious immediately that the process will not only produce beneficial team results, but each team member will play an important role and produce results they never would have accomplished as individuals.
Bill Wilkinson, Quality Management Systems Manager, Veolia Environmental Services
For years I have looked for an approach to maximize our Black Belt resources as well get more people into the game of process improvement. With Rapid Action, I believe that we have found a solution to both of those needs.
Chris McGill, Master Black Belt - Corporate Six Sigma, Cintas
What I really appreciate about Breakthrough is the way it surfaces issues in a non-threatening way and leads to group insights that effectively get converted into solutions.
Jim Sullivan, Director, Proposal Development, Veolia Industrial Business Group
Leap’s Breakthrough method is my tool of choice when big process change is required. It’s fast and engaging, which people on the line appreciate, yet delivers tangible outcomes to guide implementation of solutions.
Debra Gowett, Director of Development and Training, Genzyme Corporation