Meet the Leap Team

Our team of Leap Partners provides deep and diverse industry experience to ensure the best possible return on client investment in our Team Engagement Toolkits & Methods. Review the profiles below and contact a Leap Partner directly to discuss your specific need and industry application.

Rick Tucci, Managing Partner and Founder

Rick Tucci has over 30 years of experience in the process improvement, change management and training fields of expertise. Prior to founding Leap Technologies in 1993, Rick was Senior Vice President of the Forum Corporation, a global leadership development and change management firm. While at Forum, Rick was involved in developing Motorola University, the first (and most benchmarked) effort to build a business-driven institute for developing employee technical competencies and cultural values across a global workforce. Rick was also instrumental in building Forum’s Customer Focus practice, and was deeply involved in advancing the first empirically-driven model for achieving customer satisfaction through service transactions.

After leaving the Forum Corporation in 1990, Rick spent three years benchmarking and studying quality improvement and large-scale change efforts, including the Toyota Lean Production System, the GE Work-Out! Program and the Moderation Method used in Germany. This work led to the founding of Leap Technologies in 1993 and the introduction of Action Workout™, Leap’s branded approach to rapid, employee-driven change using the 60-day “sprint-to-results” approach. Through a partnership with Motorola University, Leap advanced development of its blended toolkit, Rapid Action, which has been successfully deployed in more than 10,000 applications around the world and had delivered millions in documented financial savings.

For the past 20 years, Rick has led Leap’s product development and large-scale project facilitation practices. Under Rick’s leadership, Leap has added the Leadership Jumpstart and Breakthrough methodologies to provide clients with a robust suite of Team Engagement Toolkits for adding more speed and results to existing improvement methods like Lean Six Sigma.

Rick works extensively in client engagements on difficult “White Space” process and organization redesign projects. Recent engagements include projects at CBRE, Spirit Airlines, Nashville Airport Authority, Oakleaf Waste Management, Wheelabrator Technologies, Veolia and numerous U.S. Federal Government Agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of Urban Development and Housing, IRS, Small Business Administration and the State Department.

Rick studied at Toyota and GE, earned an MBA at the University of Chicago, and received Black Belt training at Motorola; all essential steps toward creating the insight and background for Leap’s uniquely harmonized approach to extending the impact of Lean Six Sigma Deployments.

Mike Pecoraro, Managing Partner and Founder

Mike has been in the change acceleration business for more than 30 years, holding key change agent positions in several Fortune 100 companies prior to joining Leap Technologies as a Founding Partner in 1998. He has extensive experience in process improvement, change management and training.

Prior to joining Leap, Mike implemented Leap's first-generation Action Workout™ team process across the Fortune 500 environmental services conglomerate Waste Management as part of its global process improvement initiative. Mike’s stewardship of Action Workout™ produced savings in excess of $100 million and engaged more than 10,000 employees in 12 countries along the way.

Over the past 16 years, Mike has facilitated the deployment of Leap’s Team Engagement Toolkits in many client organizations. Building on his practical experience as a Quality Deployment Champion in a Fortune 500 company, Mike has been Leap’s premier expert in seamlessly integrating Rapid Action into Lean Six Sigma Deployments in organizations ranging from banks and hospitals to manufacturing and specialty chemical companies. Mike also heads up development and delivery of Leap's Coach Certification Workshops for building internal client capability to drive faster improvement. In addition, he is responsible for executing ongoing enhancements to Leap’s Team Engagement Toolkits.

Mike is a senior resource for leading Rapid Improvement Campaigns, including the facilitation of Leadership Jumpstart Events and Breakthrough Workshops. Recent engagements include work with Veolia Environmental Services, Trinity Services Group, Carle Foundation Hospital, M & T Bank, Wheelabrator Technologies and Skender Construction.

Mike received his M. Ed in Career and Technology Education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He takes his role as a coaches' coach very seriously, even when he's at the ballpark, where he coached youth baseball for over 20 years. Recently, Mike laced up his cleats after a 30-year break from playing baseball and attended a Los Angeles Dodger’s Adult Baseball Camp, where he got a base hit off of former Yankee and Cy Young Award Winner Ron Guidry in the camper / player baseball game.

Jim Peters, Regional Partner

Jim Peters brings more than three decades of financial management and continuous improvement line management and consulting expertise to Leap Technologies. Jim has been at the forefront of deploying Leap Technologies’ Team Engagement approach in challenging business environments including the Healthcare Industry and the Department of Defense.

After joining Leap in 1999, Jim worked extensively from 2000 through 2002 on U.S. Department of Defense Change Management Center-sponsored engagements, leading projects in performance-based services acquisition, supply chain process redesign, weapons system project management and data interoperability. Jim also worked in the regional airline industry with Mesaba Airlines, pioneering the application of Leap’s Team Engagement approach to deploying Lean in aircraft maintenance operations. Since 2006, Jim has been Leap’s foremost practitioner of Rapid Lean Healthcare, a Leap innovation designed to deploy proven Lean methods to hospitals through a just-in-time, less expert-resource-intensive approach.

Jim's credentials include extensive experience in financial management as a Division Controller, Regional Controller and CFO at Waste Management and Towne Air Freight in the environmental services and transportation industries. During that time, Jim managed financial transaction operations, pre-acquisition due diligence, post-acquisition integration, strategic planning and balanced scorecard development & implementation, all routinely as part of successful management turnaround teams.

Jim Pecoraro, Partner – Business Development

Jim is an experienced sales and business development professional. As the newest member of the Leap team, Jim brings with him extensive knowledge of human capital and process related challenges. Jim is responsible for leading Leap’s strategic growth initiatives centered on new business, marketing, and social media.

Prior to joining Leap Jim spent time in commercial banking and, most recently, was responsible for sales and new business development as a Managing Director at The Novo Group, a talent acquisition consulting and advisory firm in Chicago. Jim acted as a trusted advisor to organizations of all sizes and industries including Kenall Lighting, Fellowes, Peer Bearing Company, Komatsu America Corporation, BKD LLP, Cigital, and Arrowstream among others.

At Leap, Jim works with clients and prospects to identify and evaluate challenges they face with organizational process and to collectively arrive at efficient and effective solutions to those challenges. Historically, Jim has acted as a resource for companies on matters relating to internal process, recruitment, talent, and human capital. As Mike's son, Jim grew up in and around Leap, developing an approach centered on continuous improvement and reflection.

Jim received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, where he was president of the university's club baseball team. His passion for baseball continues every summer and fall where he gets to play alongside his father and two brothers. His other passions include all things active, from regular workouts to track days on his motorcycle.

Robert Daly, Regional Partner

Bob Daly is a seasoned change agent with over 30 years of experience. He has an impeccable record of providing strategic direction and growing profits for Fortune 500 industry leaders. Bob’s successful career includes holding key executive manufacturing positions at companies like DRS, Northrop Grumman, Litton, and ITT.

Bob got introduced to Leap Technologies as a customer while he was at Litton and DRS. He successfully leveraged the use of Leap’s team engagement toolkits to expand employee engagement and accelerate results from an existing Lean deployment.

Bob thrives in any environment, whether it is a boardroom full of executives or in the trenches with employees on the line. In Bob’s most recent engagement, he facilitated a series of Rapid Improvement Campaigns and Lean Kaizen Events at Trinity Services Group. His efforts focused on optimizing throughput at Trinity’s Warehouse Service Centers. In less than six months, throughput for orders-packed-per-hour doubled on key product lines, waste was reduced by over 50% and inventory turns increased significantly.

Dave Galloway, Regional Partner

Dave Galloway is an expert in deploying Lean Six Sigma to drive rapid improvement. During a long career in the U.S. Paper Industry, Dave pioneered the application of Lean Six Sigma integrated with Leap’s Rapid Action team process to create a deployment model uniquely suited to the challenges of union production environments and tight budget constraints. Under Dave’s leadership, over $400 million of cost productivity and revenue enhancement were achieved during eight years of Rapid Lean Six Sigma deployment in the industry.

As a certified Master Black Belt and Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leader, Dave applies his extensive knowledge in leadership, change management, process improvement, mistake-proofing, Lean Six Sigma, innovation and mentoring to solve problems and help others be more effective. Most recently, he led a large team of Black Belts who completed hundreds of improvement projects across multiple production and administrative office locations. Under Dave’s leadership, the team deployed a combination of classic DMAIC (Define/Measure/ Analyze/Improve/Control) Projects to attack complex process problems that required deep statistical analysis along with hundreds of short-cycle, frontline supervisor-led Rapid Action Projects for standardizing work and spreading best practices.

Dave is also an expert in the application of Lean Six Sigma and Rapid Action to the challenge of workplace safety and accident reduction. Dave devised an innovative approach to mentoring leaders in building a culture of safety, which when combined with a deployment of frontline Rapid Action Safety Improvement Teams, dramatically reduced the number of injuries and events to industry-best levels.

Dave’s personal passion is centered on his family. He enjoys biking, golf, learning new things, and traveling to any place that requires a passport.

Bob Crescenzi, Regional Partner

Robert “Bob” Crescenzi is a career expert in deploying continuous improvement programs in large organizations. Bob was the first to pioneer the combination of traditional Lean Six Sigma tools and methods with team engagement methods such as Rapid Action. In his most recent role at Momentive, the global specialty chemicals manufacturer, Bob lead workshops Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific in addition to North America to train Black Belts in the application of Rapid Action and drive frontline participation in the firm’s organization-wide Lean Six Sigma Deployment.

As a recognized quality and Lean Six Sigma leader, Bob has designed and led four Lean Six Sigma Deployments in Fortune 500 companies, two of which were recognized by industry associations as best practice models. These deployments generated well over $500 million in cost savings, while achieving high levels of employee participation through the use of innovative approaches such as Rapid Action.

Bob is an in-demand speaker at Lean Six Sigma Professional Conferences. He is also a Certified Senior Baldrige Quality Award Examiner (6 years tenure) and judge for the International Benchmarking Clearinghouse (2 years tenure), and has assessed over 30 world-class companies’ quality systems, acquiring unique insights into approaches that have made these companies world-class competitors.