Leap Technologies at a Glance

Who we are:

  • We’re a consulting and training services company launched in 1993 in Chicago, Illinois by three founding partners with a common passion for helping leaders and their organizations improve faster.

What we do:

  • We believe faster improvement is possible when people are productively engaged in teams.
  • Our innovation is a suite of methods and toolkits that combines best practices from Lean, Innovation, Six Sigma and Workout with a learn-as-you-improve instructional design that makes it easier for people to work in teams to improve performance.

How we deliver value:

  • We provide value to our clients in two ways: Providing experienced, tailored consulting support using Leap’s suite of Team Engagement Toolkits and Methods to drive faster improvement “from the outside in”; and, training client leaders and change agents in our tools and methods to sustain improvement “from the inside.”
  • We support our clients in the U.S. through a network of highly experienced change management and process improvement consultants trained in Leap’s proprietary Team Engagement Toolkits & Methods.
  • We offer Leap products and services outside of the U.S. through exclusive Delivery Partner Firms.
  • We work with U.S. Government Agencies through teaming arrangements with a number of GSA professional services firms.

Our values:

  • We are passionate about maintaining the highest quality in our products and services.
  • We take personal responsibility for delivering on our promises to clients.
  • We take pride helping our clients solve problems with their own ideas by applying reliable processes.
  • We always deliver results that exceed ROI expectations.

Why clients choose Leap:

  • For over 20 years we’ve worked with more than 500 organizations across a wide range of industries and empowered over 10,000 teams with Leap toolkits.
  • Leaders entrust us to be their resource for accelerating results and share our belief that faster improvement springs from people working in effective teams. These leaders recognize that inspiring people to put in extra effort and drive faster results requires tools and methods that are easy to learn, that encourage sharing of ideas, and that facilitate teamwork.
  • When improvement can’t wait and people are the key, Leaders turn to Leap for better team engagement and faster results.