How Leap Helps Its Clients Realize Faster Results!

Leap works with executives, program directors, and change agents to add the power of our Team Engagement Toolkits to change and improvement initiatives.

Rapid Improvement Projects

For leaders ready to accelerate results on critical change and improvement initiatives, Leap Rapid Improvement Projects leverage our proven toolkits to get teams into action immediately and equip people to convert good ideas into measurable results. Leap provides end-to-end planning, workshop facilitation, and coaching for Rapid Improvement Projects tailored to organization needs.

Rapid Improvement Projects are priced on a firm, fixed fee basis with client approved deliverables and success metrics.

Services included:

  • Briefings with leaders and internal change agents to identify and qualify Rapid Improvement Project opportunities
  • Project charter development and team recruitment
  • Workshop facilitation where Leap Team Engagement Toolkit are deployed to develop 60-day action plans
  • Team coaching and progress monitoring
  • Meetings to report results and capture lessons learned

Rapid Action Workshops

For organizations that want a cost-effective and reliable way to promote continuous improvement and innovation while developing leadership talent and teamwork at the same time, Leap offers a unique action-learning workshop built on our flagship Rapid Action Toolkit. Rapid Action Workshops bring groups of 10 to 20 leaders into a simulation learning environment where they prepare to lead 60-day Rapid Action Projects linked to strategic goals and objectives.

Rapid Action Workshops are fixed fee priced with options for adding additional participants and higher level coaching.

Services included:

  • Briefings for executives and Leadership Development professionals to target Rapid Action Project opportunities and identify high-potential team leader candidates
  • Rapid Action Workshop facilitation to prepare leaders to lead 60-day improvement projects
  • Team leader coaching
  • Coaching for executive sponsors to sustain results

Coach Certification and Toolkit Licensing

For organizations with full-time change agents that can leverage the power of Team Engagement Toolkits, Leap offers Coach Certification Programs and Toolkit Licensing of materials. This option provides a vehicles for cost-effective and tailor made organization-wide deployment.

Coach Certification and Toolkit Licensing is priced on a fix-fee basis depending on scope of planned usage and number of coaches trained.

Services included:

  • Consulting with executives, deployment leaders, and program managers to integrate Leap Toolkits into the organization’s strategy for driving change and developing leaders
  • Training internal change agents to lead and facilitate using Leap Toolkits.
  • Mentoring trained coaches on applications and integration of Leap Toolkits with other methods.
  • Providing updates and improvement to Leap Toolkit materials and access to case examples and whitepapers to enhance application.

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