Lean Improvement Made Easier for Healthcare

Lean thinking and tools work in healthcare. But deploying Lean is not easy in fast-paced, staff-constrained healthcare organizations where “Going Lean” can often be viewed as a distraction and burden by physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers.

Over the past 20 years, Leap Technologies has innovated a suite of easy-to-deploy and highly reliable Team Engagement Toolkits that enable healthcare organizations to reap the benefits of Lean faster, with less cost, and with lower stress on the frontlines.

Leap toolkits overcome the change management challenge to Lean Healthcare deployment: Making it easier to get and keep healthcare leaders and employees engaged in Lean “thinking and doing” while meeting the demands of busy daily schedules.

Hospitals are busy places. Leap gave us the way to get our people engaged in Lean but without adding a lot more burden to their jobs.
John Snyder, Carle

Team Engagement Toolkits for Easier, Faster, and More Affordable Lean Healthcare Deployment

Team Engagement Toolkits are a complete system for meeting the challenge of Lean deployment in busy healthcare organizations.

Engage healthcare leaders in Leadership Jumpstart events to develop 60 to 90 day Lean improvement campaigns that support critical improvement priorities and match the organization’s capacity for managing change.

Capture quick-win cost saving and patient care improvement opportunities with frontline-led, learn-as-you improve Rapid Action teams.

Redesign and optimize more complex, cross-organization processes with facilitated Breakthrough projects.

Complete each Lean improvement campaign by reporting results, recognizing teams and capturing learning.

The single meeting method for engaging busy healthcare leaders in Lean deployment planning. Learn more  

The most reliable and easiest-to-deploy method available for getting frontline healthcare workers engaged in Lean improvement projects. Learn more  

The healthcare-tailored approach to complex, cross-functional process improvement. Learn more  

Options for Using Team Engagement Toolkits to Accelerate Lean Healthcare

  •   LEAP FACILITATED PROJECTS End-to-end planning, facilitation, and coaching by Leap Coaches to help support Leadership Jumpstart Events, Breakthrough projects and Rapid Action team deployments.
  •   RAPID ACTION TEAM LEADER WORKSHOPS Workshops and coaching that equips groups of 5 to 15 frontline leaders at a time to plan and lead 60-day quick-win, standardization, and best practice implementation projects.
  •   INTERNAL COACH CERTIFICATION Training and coaching to certify internal change agents in one or more of Leap’s Team Engagement Toolkits for Lean Healthcare.

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A hospital team of nurses and support staff created a comprehensive program for reducing patient falls, resulting in a 64% reduction in falls in three months.

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Transforming Hospital Therapy Services with Employee Know-How

Outpatient therapy services at a large hospital were transformed from a bottlenecked, unprofitable and customer-unfriendly service line to a vastly improved, profit-making operation.

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