Accelerate Lean Six Sigma Results with Better and Faster Execution

Launching a Lean Six Sigma or similar initiative and sustaining results is a lot tougher today with tighter budgets, greater time constraints, and increased pressure to justify expenses. Deployment Leaders consistently rank Belt productivity, long project cycle times, and difficulty sustaining both employee interest and leadership commitment as top barriers to better Lean Six Sigma ROI.

Over the past 20 years, Leap Technologies has innovated a suite of easy-to-deploy and highly reliable Team Engagement Toolkits for accelerating Lean Six Sigma results with minimal need for additional training and added staff.

Leap toolkits overcome the change management challenge common to most continuous improvement and innovation initiatives: Inspiring frontline leaders and employees to take ownership for executing improvements.

We reduced project cycle-times by 15% and expanded employee engagement by integrating Lean Toolkits into our deployment.
Dave Galloway, Lean Six Sigma Deployment Director, NewPage Corporation

Team Engagement Toolkits for Accelerating Lean Six Sigma Results

Team Engagement Toolkits equip Deployment Leaders and Belts to overcome the biggest change management challenges to better and faster Lean Six Sigma results.

Make it easier to link strategic goals and objectives to the right Lean Six Sigma project plan and resources.

Increase Belt productivity with tools for reducing project cycle-times and accelerating solution implementation.

Expand capacity for capturing quick wins and replicating Lean Six Sigma project solutions.

Equip Senior Belts to tackle complex, cross-functional process improvement projects that require significant change management expertise.

A key toolbox addition that equips Deployment Leaders and Master Black Belts to engage leadership teams with simple, but highly effective tools for converting broad strategic goals into the right Lean Six Sigma projects, team assignments, and success metrics … all in one meeting! Learn more  

The most reliable and easiest-to-deploy method available for getting more employees productively engaged in quick-win, standardization, and solution replication project teams in 60-day or faster timeframes. Learn more  

Expands the capability of Lean Six Sigma functions to take on the most complex, cross-functional process improvement challenges that require advanced change management skills to challenge entrenched beliefs and build consensus for “out of the box” solutions. Learn more  

Options for Adding Team Engagement Toolkits to Improve Lean Six Sigma ROI

  •   RAPID ACTION TEAM LEADER WORKSHOPS Trains Black Belts, Green Belts, and frontline leaders to plan, lead, and coach quick-win and solution-replication teams using the Rapid Action Toolkit.
  •   RAPID ACTION MASTER COACH CERTIFICATION Provides training and coaching to develop internal capability to conduct Rapid Action Team Leader Workshops and fully integrate Rapid Action into Lean Six Sigma deployments.
  •   BREAKTHROUGH COACH CERTIFICATION Provides training and coaching to develop internal capability to plan and lead Breakthrough Projects for rapid re-engineering of complex, cross-functional processes.
  •   LEADERSHIP JUMPSTART COACH CERTIFICATION Provides training and coaching to develop internal capability to plan and facilitate Leadership Jumpstart Events to more effectively match strategic goals and objectives with the right Lean Six Sigma projects.

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