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The 60-day process for better team results!

Rapid Action is the most reliable and proven method available for engaging employees in rapid, team-based continuous improvement. It’s an essential addition to any organization’s toolbox for managing change, executing improvements and encouraging innovation.


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What’s Different About Rapid Action?

Research-based and experience-tested

Rapid Action has evolved and been continuously improved from its origins in the GE Work-Out method and Toyota Production System to thousands of practical applications over 25 years in the market.

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"All in One" Toolkit

Rapid Action is delivered through an all-in-one toolkit packed with everything needed to plan, launch, and complete improvement projects, including guidebooks, posters, templates, meeting supplies and more.

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60-Day Roadmap to Results

Rapid Action operates with a proven five-step process that allows teams to deliver measurable results in 60 days or faster — with minimal training and time off-the-clock!

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Used by Leading Organizations

More than 250 organizations across a wide range of industries and sectors have used Rapid Action to engage teams and achieve rapid continuous improvement and faster innovation.

face1 Rapid Action Tools have been crucial to accelerating results and elevating employee engagement in Lean Six Sigma. It’s a proven strategy in our evolution from doing Lean Six Sigma to being a Lean Six Sigma organization.
David L. Hart, Executive Director, Lean Six Sigma, Valspar
face4 What I really enjoyed about the Rapid Action process was the framework in which the program was set up. It provided much needed structure, but allowed for flexibility for the team to share thoughts and experiences to ultimately improve the target process.
Brian Simons, Senior Project Manager, Skender Construction
face2 By far, Rapid Action tools and methods are my ‘go to’ choice for getting our frontline employees engaged in Lean Six Sigma improvement efforts.
Joe Gliksman, Master Black Belt, Mosaic Company
face3 The best thing about Rapid Action is that a motivated supervisor, with leadership support and enabled employees can make huge gains in performance in a short period of time.
Mark Deutsch, Continuous Process Improvement & Strategy Division Chief − MBB, U.S. Army

Read the stories behind Rapid Action accolades and access the complete library of downloadable Rapid Action Case Studies and Snapshots responding to issues including operational excellence, best practices replication, new technology deployment, strategy execution, employee engagement, leadership development and more.

Better Team Results in 60 Days!

Rapid Action is the no-nonsense, fast-acting method for engaging teams in change management and continuous improvement initiatives. Review deployment options and get started now. Learn more